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Episode 277

From Poverty to PhD with Carolyn Colleen

Carolyn Colleen’s life story is one of personal and professional transformation and triumph. She is a living example that if there’s anything holding you back, you have the power to overcome it – and to achieve all of your goals. Today, Carolyn joins me to share the story of how she went from standing in line for food at the Salvation Army to becoming a PhD, and how she discovered true and unconditional self-love, found courage, and escaped the mental jail that was keeping her in an abusive relationship – and how she now helps others do the same.

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Episode 269

Discover What Type of Business You Should Start with Ryan Levesque

Ryan Levesque is leading a revolution. For the last ten years, he’s run a $10 million per year business helping people find winning business ideas and launch companies of their own. His book, ASK, was called a must-read by both Inc. and Entrepreneur. On today’s episode we talk about his new book, Choose: The Single Most Important Decision Before Starting Your Business.


Episode 268

The Inherent Human Conflict: Moving from Limited to Limitless

For today’s podcast, I read one of my favorite chapters in The Miracle Equation book—Chapter 3: The Inherent Human Conflict: Moving from Limited to LimitlessWe all face this internal conflict – and we all have to overcome it. This is an unfiltered, unedited look at how we can conquer our limitations and stop living on autopilot, and even if you’ve already started reading (or listening) to the book, you’ll likely discover something new in this episode.


Episode 267

My First Deep Dive into the Miracle Equation

Today’s episode is of a recent interview I did with Mike Dillard on the Mike Dillard Podcast. We dive deep and offer new insights into how the Miracle Equation came into existence six years before I created the Miracle Morning, why miracles aren’t about praying, waiting, or hoping, the REAL purpose of goals and how to commit to achieving goals (regardless of your outcomes), and the incredible life changes that happen when you make your mission inevitable.


Episode 266

How To Use The Miracle Equation To Become a Millionaire

I’m VERY excited for you to listen to this episode! Jaime and I dig deeper into the Miracle Equation, talk about how to set your mission, and share more stories from my own life about the transformative results – financial and otherwise – that it helped me achieve.