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  • The Success Trifecta: How to Be Happier, Healthier, AND Wealthier (Interview with Scott Groves)

       On this episode I get to welcome two guests: returning guest host Jon Berghoff, and last year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint attendee, Scott Groves.  Scott didn’t expect to get [Read More...]

  • How to Lose 42 lbs and Start Your Dream Business (An Interview with Tim Cornwell)

       My guest today may not be a famous best-selling author, but he has accomplished some amazing things since last year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint event. Tim Cornwell has not [Read More...]

  • How to Quintuple Your Income (An Interview with Dana Malstaff)

       In this episode we are continuing our eight week series featuring the real, measurable results from last year’s attendees of the Best Year Ever Blueprint live event. This week [Read More...]

  • How to grow revenue by 500% and lose 25 lbs (Interview with CEO, Stephen Christopher)

       For the next eight weeks, we’ll be showcasing the transformations and radical results achieved by the attendees from last year’s Best Year Ever Blueprint live event. Each week we’ll [Read More...]

  • Go “Behind The Scenes” of the Best Year Ever Blueprint

       Do you want to change or improve aspects of your life, but struggle to make significant changes? Today Hal Elrod and Jon Berghoff are taking you “Behind the Scenes” of the Best Year [Read More...]

  • Are Your Goals Too Big?

       While growing up, we’re often told that the sky is the limit and we’re encouraged to dream big . . . but how big is too big? When your [Read More...]

  • Destination Awesome (An Interview with Amiee Mueller)

       Many people make excuses for why they aren’t successful and let their past define their future. Today’s guest defied all odds to lead a successful life of her own [Read More...]

  • Why Everyone Should Write a Book

       “Every single one of us, at some level, has a responsibility to take our knowledge, our life experiences and transform them into a book that could help an infinite [Read More...]

  • How To Create Your Own Destiny (Like UFC Champion Conor McGregor)

       Anyone who knows Hal Elrod knows that he is a huge fan of MMA (mixed martial arts) fighting and UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Whether you are a diehard fan, [Read More...]

  • The Power of Personal Coaching (An Interview with the CEO of

       One of the best ways to become the best possible version of yourself is through being coached by a high quality mentor. It’s the secret weapon of the elite. [Read More...]