How to Know the Future by Using Creative Visualization

April 5th, 2018

Guest post by Tara Bosler []

The most successful people in the world throughout history have noted visualization as an essential component to their success.

Everyone from Olympic athletes to Hollywood A-listers to spiritual gurus use visualization to reach their highest potential, and there is a myriad of ways you can creatively implement visualization into your Miracle Morning.

One of the most popular ways is to create a very specific scenario that you would like to experience and then visualize it by calling forth all of the sense-driven pieces of that experience.

For example, if you want a certain car, visualizing the experience of driving it would mean “seeing” the colors, the materials, all the premium upgrades of the interior. You would “feel” the seat contoured to your body, the wheel in your hands, and the power of the pedals under your feet. And of course, that coveted new car smell. You can, of course, do this on your own or utilize a guided meditation to help lead you through a similar visualization.

The power of visualization comes from a kind of “prepping” of the brain. Your brain doesn’t really understand the difference between actually experiencing something and imagining something. That’s why nightmares can be so scary and sad movies can make us cry on demand. It feels like it’s actually happening, even when it’s not.

The benefit of understanding that the brain can’t tell the difference between reality and imagination gives you the chance to trick it into thinking it’s experienced something it hasn’t yet.

Why is that useful?

Because it can ward off any self-sabotage from limiting beliefs or the discomfort of getting exactly what you want.

You know that feeling of something being “too good to be true” or “waiting for the other shoe to drop” when something wonderful happens? That’s because your brain only knows the actual past and what’s happened. That means either it’s crazy uncomfortable because you’ve never experienced it, or you have experienced it, but it didn’t end well…therefore making it scarier than a plane full of snakes.

But if you can positively prep your brain by imaging and visualizing something new, when it does actually happen, it won’t be nearly as uncomfortable. Your brain will think, “Oh yeah – we’ve been here before. No problem! We’ve got this!”

There is a very specific way that I use creative visualization to tap into what my future holds for me – I visit my future self. I visualize my Best Future Self and what her life looks like. I started doing this visualization back in graduate school, and nothing has changed about my Future Self. (Which makes sense if I’m always visiting the same Best Future Self.)

She lives in a simple but luxurious cabin in the woods. Her house is spacious, open, and fresh. It feels like the energy flows through the house with such ease. She’s always wearing a cowl-neck white cable-knit sweater and looks like the most content and joyful person I’ve ever met. She invites me in, asks if I want tea (apparently my Best Future Self is no longer addicted to coffee), and sits down with me on the comfiest white couch I’ve ever felt.

Then I sit and ask her all the questions I have about Life. And she calmly answers me in ways that aren’t always overly specific, but are always exactly what I need to hear. I always come out of this visualization feeling calm, at ease and like I’m able to move through life without stress.

In order to tap into and visit your own future self, answer these questions before closing your eyes and “going on the journey.”

  • What does my best future self…Look like? What are they wearing? What does their hair, face, body look like?
  • Where does my best future self spend their time? What does their house look like? Do they vacation a lot? Are they inside or outside mostly? Where would they like me to meet them?
  • What does my best future self love to do? Are they hiking, surfing or otherwise doing something active? Are they sitting on the deck and reading with hot tea?
  • How does my best future self feel in general? Calm and content? Excited and adventurous? Confident and powerful? What does their energy feel like?

The best part is – you already know the answers to those questions because they live inside of you. You just have to tap into them and then use the visualization process to experience them.

So it’s not unlike the car experience…but instead of imagining what it’s like to drive a Bentley, you’re visualizing all the senses of what it’s like to be in the company of Your Best Self. Welcome home.

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Tara Bosler – Launch Copywriter & Creative Copy Coach – Tara loves to help highly-motivated creative women entrepreneurs grow their biz with engaging copy & content. Before becoming a copywriter, Tara taught Communication and Gender Studies at the university level for over eight years. She now writes for women who are launching their own business, rebranding or leveling up. Writing is a huge slice of the business pie. We gotta do a lot of it, which can be overwhelming, but with Tara in your corner, you’re sure to get through it.