Living With Passion And Helping Others (An Interview with Carey Smolensky)

February 3rd, 2016

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You may not be familiar with today’s guest, but if you’ve attended our Best Year Ever Blueprint live event, then you’ll be familiar with his phenomenal work. As the founder of Carey Smolensky Productions, Carey is not only a dynamic and versatile businessman but a dedicated husband and a loyal friend.

After years of owning his own business and easing his special touch to a wide array of events, Carey has written his first book Living Life with Passion and Helping Others. Today we’ll find out the story behind the story and get a few tips on how you can craft an amazing multi-sensory experience for your next event.

In this episode, you will…

  • Be inspired by Carey’s entrepreneurial journey
  • Discover his statues for creating, perfecting, and enhancing events
  • Learn how he scaled his business and why that is one of the biggest keys to his success
  • Hear about the no excuses mindset that Carey has adopted and how it helps him
  • Find out how Carey uses the 5-minute rule to his advantage


Download the Transcript for Episode #109 (PDF)

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