003: Hal Elrod’s Not-So-Obvious Secrets to YOUR Success

Episode 003

003: Hal Elrod’s Not-So-Obvious Secrets to YOUR Success

In this episode, #1 bestselling author, hall of fame business achiever, international success coach, and award-winning keynote speaker “Yo Pal” Hal Elrod shares Secret #2 (the first “outer game” secret”) of the 10 Not-So-Obvious Secrets To Extraordinary Success.

Hal shares how, using what he calls “The Power of the Process” he was able to become one of the top sales reps in the 50-year history of his company.

The three steps to The Power of the Process

  • Define it
  • Execute
  • Monitor
In this episode, Hal walks you through each step, explaining in detail the importance of focus and re-focusing, as well as provides you with action steps to help you put The Power of the Process to work in your life today.




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Special Announcements

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  2. Next week’s episode we dive into part 3 of the series on “Hal’s 10 Not-So-Obvious Secrets to Extraordinary Success”  If you have a question about this topic, please leave a voicemail message at HalElrod.com/podcastquestion.


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Book: Failing Forward: Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success by John C. Maxwell

Video: Michael Jordan – Failure commercial

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Book: The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer

Coaching program: VIP Mastermind Coaching

Book: The Miracle Morning

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