How and Why to Become a “Celebrity” Entrepreneur with Clint Arthur

Episode 278

How and Why to Become a “Celebrity” Entrepreneur with Clint Arthur

Today, I’m excited to introduce you to, Clint Arthur. He’s a celebrity entrepreneur who holds a degree in Entrepreneurial Management from the Wharton School of Business and is the bestselling author of What They Teach You at the Wharton School of Business and Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV.  

I first met Clint back in 2013 when he helped me get booked on more than a dozen local and national TV shows, which culminates with my upcoming appearance on The Today Show on July 16th (I’ll send you more details when I have them!) 

Fast forward to 2019, and I’ll be speaking at Clint’s Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing event September 26-28 at Carnegie Hall, alongside Martha Stewart, Ice-T and Coco, Jerry Greenfield (the co-founder of Ben and Jerry’s), Michael Gerber, author of the bestselling book The E-Myth Revisited, and many more. (You can get all the details and your ticket at

Today, Clint joins the podcast to share the story of how he became a businessman, how to master the art of the public appearance, and why everyone needs to become a celebrity entrepreneur to succeed at the highest level.

Clint Arthur

Ask yourself, ‘If this was going to be the last year of your life, what would you want to accomplish?’ That will eliminate the fear, procrastination, and the doubt that so many people have that keeps them from achieving their goals.


  • The question that changed everything for Clint – and how he cultivated celebrity, became his own booker, and mastered the art of the promotional appearance. 
  • What it means that Clint failed to achieve his Hollywood dream of becoming an actor and writer in his youth.
  • Why his college roommate’s father, who produced Platoon, was the original celebrity entrepreneur, and how he’s circled back later in life to succeed as a documentary filmmaker. 
  • Practical actions you can take to become a celebrity entrepreneur.


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Clint Arthur

This is the best and easiest thing that you can do to instantly transform your status in the eyes of customers and prospects: be photographed with major celebrities.



Hal: Goal achievers, good afternoon. At least it’s the afternoon here in Austin, Texas, 2:33 PM and wherever you are in the world, welcome to the Achieve Your Goals podcast. This is Hal Elrod, your host, and your friend. And today, I’ve got a friend of mine that I’m excited to introduce to you. Somebody who is really brilliant in business and in life. Clint Arthur is his name. If you don’t know Clint, he is a celebrity entrepreneur and entrepreneurial management degree or with an entrepreneurial management degree from the Wharton School of Business. He is the Glazer-Kennedy info marketer of the year. He has over 17 years’ experience running his own gourmet food company and he’s the number one best-selling author of multiple books including Break Through Your Upper Limits on TV, 21 Performance Secrets of Donald Trump and what they teach you at the Wharton Business School. 


And Clint’s famous personal transformation experiences, keynote speeches, and frequent appearances on network TV, iTunes, podcast, and syndicated radio shows have inspired millions of people, I’m one of them, to live larger, more intensely, and with more impact on the world. And, Clint, you know as I’m bringing you on, my friend, first of all, welcome. How are you doing?


Clint: Thank you. Great to be with you, Hal. 


Hal:  Yeah. It’s great to have you. So, I’m speaking at your event on September 26 through the 28 of this year 2019. The event is titled Living Legends of Entrepreneurial Marketing. It is at Carnegie Hall and that’s like your MO. You always put on the events of these historic I think you did one at Harvard Business School once. I’m looking at the website right now, and the lineup of celebrity speakers that you have really is impressive like I’m excited to be on the stage with these folks. Ice T, the one and only Ice T of Law and Order, Martha Stewart is going to be there speaking. Michael Gerber, who wrote one of my favorite business books, one of the bestselling business books of all time, The EMyth Revisited. Jerry Greenfield will be there, the co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. The list just goes on and on and on. 


So, I’m excited for this event and I’ll probably ask you about it at the end again. I hope our listeners will join us at Carnegie Hall but today I really want my listeners to get to know Clint Arthur, to get to know you, to learn from you because from my vantage point you really are a genius. You’ve achieved extraordinary levels of success in both life and in business and so I want to unpack the brain of Clint Arthur. That sound good?


Clint: It’s your show, baby. Whatever you like. 




Hal: All right. So, let us know Clint a little bit like what were you like as a kid growing up. Were you business minded from a young age? When did that start? Like just give us kind of the back story of Clint Arthur. 


Clint: Yeah. Thank you. That’s a really interesting question. I’ve had a unique tug of war between the two sides of my parents. My mom was an artist and ran a design studio my dad was an accountant. And I always wanted to be, I always loved money and I wanted to be somebody special. I read about the Wharton Business School in a book when I was 14 years old and I looked it up in the encyclopedia and it turned out to be a real thing, the best business school in the world, and I decided when I was 14 years old to go to the Wharton Business School. And I really believed that on a subconscious level that decision was made because my parents were arguing all the time and I felt if I can become somebody special graduating from the best business school in the world that maybe I could stop my parents from arguing so much and I graduated with a 4.0 GPA in Entrepreneurial Management and I came home to get the atta boys and what happens? They get into the biggest argument of all time.  


And my dad storms out of the house and I turned to my mom and I said, “You know, mom, the way he resents you all these years, have you been cheating on dad?” And I’m sitting there on the couch in the living room where I grew up my whole life and I’m thinking to myself, “Where did that question come from? I never thought that my whole life before.”  And then I’m thinking, “What kind of smart-aleck kid asks his mom a question like that?” And then I’m thinking, “Why doesn’t she answer the question?” And then she says, “He’s not your real father. Your real father was a doctor at the fertility clinic we went to for six years trying to have you and you look just like that guy.” Now, imagine how you would feel if everything you thought you knew about who you were was suddenly poof and I didn’t know who I was anymore or certainly not what I want to be anymore when I grew up so I call up the investment bank on the 87th floor of #1 World Trade Center which was actual ground zero where the plane hit and I said, “Thank you but no thank you, sir. I don’t want to be an investment banker anymore,” and naturally I moved out to Hollywood to find myself. 


Most people would go to Hollywood to lose themselves. I went to find myself and what I found was I was driving yellow cab #6087 on New Year’s Eve of the millennia and I had been a taxi driver for about six years. I became a very special person. I became the Wharton taxi driver and that night in the backseat of my cab, there were these two guys who were MBA interns at Goldman Sachs. I’m listening in on their conversation as I’m driving to a New Year’s party. One of them says, “Hey, did you hear about Mr. Carrera? They made him the last partner before the Goldman IPO,” and I turned around and I go, “Are you guys talking about Chris Carrera?” And they’re like, “How do you know Mr. Carrera?” Chris Carrera was a pledge in my fraternity when I was at the Wharton Business School and when I was the pledge master, I used to make those little punks dance around in the living room in the house with their tightened blinders on top of their heads and now who just cashed out a gazillion dollars and he wasn’t the only one. All of my fraternity brothers became millionaires and some of them billionaires while I made $513 on New Year’s Eve of the millennium because I was chasing the Hollywood dream and that night I said, “I can’t do it anymore,” and I just became a businessman from that point and just gave up on my dreams. 


Hal: Wow. That’s a heavy story in a very short amount of time. So, you’re driving the cab for six years that night. Was that like the defining moment where you made a decision, “I’m not driving a cab anymore. I’m going to go into business?” And if so, what was the first business? Where did you go from there? What was the next step? What’s the first business that you launched?


Clint: The defining moment was I said, “I am not going to throw away the rest my life chasing a dream that is never going to happen.” And really that’s why they put me on the Today Show. In 2013 I was invited to go on the Today Show with Brook Shields and Willie Geist because it was about the push-pull of life. That was the question and really the question was how do you know when to give up on your dream? And I had like become interested in raw food and my first successful little venture is still an ongoing company today called the Five Star Butter Company day which started out by me convincing some lady on a little farm in the middle of nowhere to make butter that was not with pasteurized cream. It was with unpasteurized cream meaning it was raw and that was my first product was raw butter which I sold. I needed it for myself because I was a raw food eater at the time and that’s what prompted my interest in creating that product, but there were a lot of raw food people in LA at the time and I was the principal supplier of raw butter in Los Angeles for seven years. 


Hal: So, the raw butter you provided to grocery stores or restaurants or who are you selling this?


Clint: Now, it’s like a raw food community co-op that was going on and I sold it to them.


Hal: Got it. 


Clint: It made my entrepreneurial career. 


Hal: Was the butter company. Interesting.


Clint: The butter company. Yeah. And it still goes on today, but it sells different products. I don’t sell any raw products anymore. It’s just not worth it to go through the hassle and expense of producing those products that I sell gourmet portion controlled butter at casinos and resorts and hotels. And that’s like my four-hour workweek. My real passion came because as my life went on, I became successful throughout the 2000s. I got into real estate. I was selling butter. I made money selling butter. I started investing in real estate, involved in real estate, and then I was at a men’s self-help campfire one night and a shaman points at me across a yellow and orange crackling flames and he goes, “You don’t know yet but you’re already dead.” I’m like, “What are you talking about, man? I’m the most successful guy on this team. Eight years ago, I was driving a taxi. Now, I’m a millionaire. I was living on a little boat. Now, I live in a mansion.” “You’re already dead. You just don’t know it.” 


And I didn’t know what he was talking about but I couldn’t stop thinking about it and for months I’d wake up out of sound sleep in the middle of the night, “I’m already dead. I’m already dead. What did it mean?” And I didn’t figure it out until New Year’s Day of 2009 when I sat down to write my list of goals for the year which was one of my success habits that I instigated when I became a businessman and just trying to be a writer and a movie star in Hollywood and that year I was inspired by the shaman and I asked myself the question that changed everything and took me all the way to the Today Show and that question is, “If this was going to be the last year of my life, what would I want to accomplish?” And I was shocked out of all get out when the first thing I wrote on the list was, “I would want to write my book about what I learned at the Wharton Business School that helped me to be a successful as an entrepreneur once I stopped trying to be a filmmaker in Hollywood,” and I hadn’t written a word in over eight years. 


I swore an oath that night after the Goldman Sachs incident in the back of my cab, I swore an oath I was never going to write again but I sat down. I wrote my book in eight days and I self-published it on CreateSpace and I waited for the sales to roll in and boy did they ever roll in, all eight of them, in 2010, all eight of those sales. And I sought out a mentor and I think this is a key element of success is to find mentors who actually know what they’re talking about and do what they say. Now, the mentor I talked to was Jack Canfield. I said, “How do you sell books?” He goes, “You got to become famous. You got to go on TV. You got to go on radio. You got to become somebody special because people only buy books from people that they think are special.” And that’s when I hired my first publicist and I paid $6,000 for her to book me on my first four TV appearances and I sucked on all of those appearances and I was watching them with my wife in the living room of our house and I showed her the clips and I said, “What do you think?” and she said, “I think you suck.”


And I said, “You’re right and I’m going to need to do a lot more TV appearances if I’m ever going to get good enough to go on The Today Show which was my dream,” and she goes, “Whoa, whoa, why don’t you just try instead of paying this lady all this money, why don’t you try booking yourself on these shows?” and I started waking up in the middle of the night, 2:30 in the morning and cold calling TV stations all around the country until I finally booked my first appearance on the ABC affiliate in Biloxi, Mississippi and that was 106th television appearances go. I just did my 107th television appearance. And when I was on the Today Show, Willie Geist says to me, “Hey, Clint, you have a great idea. You ask yourself a question every year. What’s that question?” And I said, “Ask yourself, ‘If this was going to be the last year of your life, what would you want to accomplish?’ That will eliminate the fear, procrastination, the doubt that so many people have that keeps them from achieving their goals,” and it’s been an amazing experience. 


And along the way, I’ve become a super expert at how do you book yourself on TV. I know how to book yourself on TV. I teach people how to book themselves on TV because if you are any kind of an author, you got to become famous and I think you’ve had some experience with this yourself. 


Hal: Well, yeah, and that experience you and I met at an event, gosh, years ago, and I went to your celebrity launchpad program and I did get booked on roughly a dozen I think of TV talk shows in national. I did NBC’s Daytime, which is their national morning show. You’ve probably been on all the shows I’ve been on and Good Morning. You name it. Good Morning, I was in Albuquerque and Houston and Sacramento and you view, I mean, almost single-handedly it was your event and your teaching and training you got me on all those TV shows and they still like most of them exist. If anybody wants to go watch, you go to YouTube and google Hal Elrod. You can find all of those TV appearances are there which is one of the cool things too. I tell people that a lot when they ask me about, “Hey, what’s it like getting on TV or how do I get on TV?” and I always just send them to your website at Is that still an active website?


Clint: It’s


Hal: and I always send them there and I say, “Yeah. The cool thing is it’s not actually the day the TV show airs that is the highest value of the appearance.” I said, “In my opinion, it’s the fact that you get to get the video and then put it on YouTube and then put it on your website and if you want to put it on the DVD and mail it out to clients or prospects like now that video, that television appearance lives on forever.” I talk about it pretty often. I’m always sharing that with people. 


Clint: How many books have you sold now?


Hal: 1.7 million copies of The Miracle Morning, the original.


Clint: Whoa! That’s amazing, man! I tell the story all the time. You enrolled in Celebrity Launchpad and you called me back the next day.  You said, “Hey, I talked about it with my wife and we realized we can’t afford this,” and I’m like, “No, you have to come,” and we worked out a special payment plan for you to make it affordable for you to so that you could handle it and thank God you did because…


Hal: Yeah. Who knows? I mean, that was the important part of the journey. And that’s funny. I did not remember that. It’s been so long. Until you just shared that, I’m like, “Oh yeah, we were going to – I did call you to cancel,” and yeah, man, that’s cool. By the way, I just want to say before we go any further, congratulations on the story you just shared, and the success you’ve achieved, especially because I think this is such an important lesson there that I hope people listening caught this. Your goal, the original goal, the original dream was to make it in Hollywood, to be a writer in Hollywood. In fact, I’d love for you to talk about that for a second like does that dream still exist for you? What does not achieving that dream mean? Because I think it’s just so important for people to understand that often your goal is not the goal or your dream is not the dream because as you’re pursuing it and you’re your learning and you’re growing and you’re experiencing new things, often your vision for what’s possible for you either it changes, it expands, both. So, yeah, what are your thoughts on not achieving a goal or not achieving your dream and what does that mean? What did you learn from that experience and what’s that look for you now in terms of looking back on that dream? Is it still there? Is it just you delayed it? I’d love to hear you unpack?


Clint: Yeah. I recently was informed about the death of one of my friends’ father. My college roommate was a kid named Evan Kopelson and his father produced the little movie called Platoon and really that’s what inspired me to go for the Hollywood dream is that I was so like I went to an early screening of Platoon before it even came out the movies. And it won best picture from the Academy Awards and then he went on to produce The Fugitive and Falling Down and Murder at 1600, Wesley Snipes and that was advocated in The Race with Arnold Schwarzenegger. And in my new book, I have a new book out called Celebrity Entrepreneurship and, by the way, I believe that everybody should be a celebrity entrepreneur and that’s why I wrote this book, Celebrity Entrepreneurship. 


But when I was on the way to the funeral, I was thinking about my whole relationship with Arnold Kopelson, the man who was my friend’s father who produced all those movies and won the Academy Award for Platoon and I realized he was the ultimate celebrity entrepreneur and he had gone on TV to get the award, he won the award, he had pictures with celebrities all over his house, he had best-selling products, and he had seeking opportunities in very important places, those basic elements of being a celebrity entrepreneur. And the first chapter of my book is all about that. Now, what about the dream? Well, I made a documentary about the work we do. My wife produced the documentary focusing on the stuff that I do and it’s been accepted into 11 film festival so far and we even made a sequel and what is my dream now? I mean, ideally, I believe that I want to keep making documentaries about the work that I do. I think that in the long run I would not have been entirely satisfied just being an actor. I think that doing work that has an impact on people’s lives and careers and has the meta ripple effect that I get from the work that I do is very fulfilling for me. 


So, I’d like to just keep producing documentaries about the stuff I do and have people follow my work and my progress and like become a documentary movie star kind of person. I don’t know. It doesn’t really exist. The closest example would be Michael Moore or that guy in Sick, Fat and Nearly Dead. You see that one?


Hal: I did a while back. 


Clint: Yeah. Like a person who stars in documentaries about the work that they do. Anyway, that’s what I’m…


Hal: Yeah. 


Clint: But it’s really about mentorship and examples and inspiration like Arnold Kopelson, the movie producer, it really inspired me in the direction of the Hollywood career and then Jack Canfield inspired me to become a celebrity entrepreneur author and then I’ve had other mentors as well and like have you studied at all with Dan Kennedy?


Hal: I’ve just read his work. I haven’t gone to his events. 


Clint: Yeah. I’ve gone to his events all over the country. He’s my main mentor and I’ve been really focusing on very specific areas of his teaching that just seemed so obvious to me as being genius and 100% on the money and that’s what’s propelled my whole career really and what he said was, especially with affluent clientele who you are is more important than what you actually do and if you’re not becoming a bigger who in the eyes of customers and prospects then you’re doing the wrong thing and that’s 100% true. I mean, the marketing what you do is everything, and the bigger a celebrity you are, the more money you’re going to get for whatever you’re doing. And whether you’re a speaker, an author, a coach, a seminar leader, and really, I believe that most of the money unless you have a rare breakout hit like your book, The Miracle Morning, most of the money comes from coaching and consulting. So, that’s really where it’s at and that mentorship from Dan Kennedy focusing me on becoming a celebrity coaching consultant entrepreneur has been everything. 


Hal: Yeah. I mean, Dan is a genius. I listened to one of his audios. It was just simply the recordings of an event that he did. It was like a low-quality recording but the content was incredible. So, the coaching and consulting boot camp was 2004 when I listened to that CD and the one that literally one thing he shared is largely responsible for so much of my success and it was simply that the greatest asset that you have in business is it’s your platform which I define as any person that knows you, likes you, trust you that you have a direct line of communication so your email list or your Facebook or whatever and just the quality of your relationship with your platform, with your community, is everything. And besides, you kind of said it, if you have a thousand people in your email list, that trust you and like you, and value what you have to offer and you email them, you’re going to make X amount of dollars, but if you can grow the email list of 10,000 people that just as well like you, trust you, and value what you have to offer, that same email, that same single email, the same effort earned you 10 times as much in terms of your income and your impact and all of that. 


I want to unpack something that you said here which is, I mean, this is really what you do. You’re the expert at helping people become celebrities become celebrity entrepreneurs. I know you mentioned a little bit of this, but like real quick if you could just kind of summarize what are the top two or three tips. And before you answer this, I’ll give people an example of how important this is like think about there are so many keynote speakers that earn $50,000 per speech or $100,000 per speech or sometimes even more and they only earn that because they were on a TV show or it can even be like a reality show. In fact, great example is I just spoke in Brazil a couple of months ago and it was at Adriana Santana’s event. In the US she’s relatively unknown but in Brazil, she was on a reality show. It’s like the Big Brother of Brazil. She went on a reality show when she was like 20 and I think that was seven years ago. She’s 27 now. Listen how crazy this is, Clint. She sent out, she put up one Instagram post to announce her event in Brazil and she sold 2,000 tickets from one Instagram post. Now, because she’s a celebrity, she has 2.4 million Instagram followers. 


So, here’s why I wanted to frame the question with this because for anybody listening, you’re like, “Great. Yeah. I don’t know how to get on a reality show,” and like, Clint, that’s the beauty of that is you actually teach people, “Hey, you don’t have to win the lottery of television to become a celebrity. You don’t have to get on.” You teach people like, “Here’s the practical control of like you actually can do these things to become a celebrity.” And then once you’re a celebrity, people will, I mean, you don’t have to even sell yourself. They’re like, “I know who you are. I’ve seen you on _____ or I’ve read your book or I saw you on the Today Show or whatever.” So, what are like the practical actions that people can take to become a celebrity? Let’s say for example, by the end of this year or the next year, what are the few things they can do? 


Clint: Yeah. I wrote about this at length in my book. I put my whole life into this book, Celebrity Entrepreneurship, and it’s a hardcover full-color book.


Hal: Is it on Amazon yet? I’ll go buy it. 


Clint: It’s on Amazon. It’s $99 and just so you know, anybody who comes in Living Legends event at Carnegie Hall, it’s included as part of the general admission price. I’m going to mail you the hardcover book because really anybody who comes in Living Legends event you should understand that becoming a celebrity entrepreneur is where it’s at. It makes total sense to do it and no sense not to do it because you get more of everything if you’re a celebrity entrepreneur. Here are the main things that you need to do. You need to ideally go on TV, on local TV news and talk shows. You need to speak in important places like Harvard, Club of Boston or the NASDAQ, stock exchange or other places that I can arrange for clients. This is my favorite thing, Hal, and this is the best and easiest thing that you can do to instantly transform your status in the eyes of customers and prospects: be photographed with major celebrities. 


Hal: I went to your website. I saw you and Snoop Doggy Dog. Yeah. You’re the best of this. Go ahead. 


Clint: When you have pictures of you with major celebrities, it changes everything about the way people look at you and you got to start somewhere. And I know that’s why the VIP option for the Carnegie Hall event includes photos with Martha Stewart, Ice T and Coco, Jerry from Ben & Jerry’s, Dan Kennedy, Michael Gerber and all of the other speakers. It includes the photos because you’ve got to start somewhere with somebody and start building your collection of that type of marketing asset. That’s what this is all about, how do you become a celebrity in the eyes of the customers and prospects? You put marketing assets in front of their faces that position you as a celebrity and you begin changing their opinion of you with your marketing. That’s how the whole thing works. And if you think about Grant Cardone, he’s the ultimate celebrity entrepreneur. If you’re an internet person, you probably know who he is. Outside of internet people, outside of people who are heavy social media users, people don’t know who he is. 


I’ve been in rooms of 50 financial advisors. I say, “Anybody recognizes this person?” Not one person knows who Grant Cardone is because they’re not his target market. If you’re a celebrity entrepreneur, only your target market knows who you are. It’s like Tim Ferriss. One time I said to my daughter, “Do you know who Tim Ferriss?” and this is when the Four-Hour Body came out and like he was everywhere I would turn. There was Tim Ferriss everywhere but I said to my 16-year-old daughter, “You know who Tim Ferriss is?” she’s like, “Who?” She didn’t have any idea who he was and it was astounding to me that a person would not know who Tim Ferris was but if you’re not in his target market, you don’t. 


Hal: Awesome. I love it. So, I want to sum up the strategies that I’ve written here taking notes as we’re having this conversation. The goal achieving strategies if you will that you shared. Number one is to find a mentor who has done what you want to do and your mentor was Jack Canfield and I couldn’t agree with that more. I mean, that’s the shortcut. You find…


Clint: And Dan Kennedy. 


Hal: Got it. 


Clint: And you mentioned how one thing that he said in that recording that you listened to, the mentors that have lined up at Living Legends event at Carnegie Hall, they’re all of that caliber. One thing that they say at this event will change your whole life. I don’t know what it is. It’s going to be different for everybody, but those are the kinds of people who are going to be coming to this event. 


Hal: Yeah. Absolutely. And tell again what’s the website for people to go get the details and tickets and be able to join us at Carnegie Hall?




Hal: Awesome. Well, everybody, go check that out. Again, I’ll continue wrapping up with these strategies. So, finding a mentor who’s done what you want to do, I agree. To your point that going to an event, you’re right. You never know. Like for me, every time I go to an event, I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event where I didn’t get multiple times my money’s worth and it was not because everything that was said that I had to take 30 pages of notes to get that value. It was like, “Ooh, what they said and what they said. That’s all I needed. That’s all I needed.” And then one of your mentors Jack Canfield, his advice was to become a celebrity and arguably I think the best advice you gave on the podcast especially for it being The Achieve Your Goals Podcast and for everybody I would encourage you to do this and I do something similar to this regularly. Not just once a year but regularly, but you said this. Clint, ask yourself if this was the last year of my life, which goal would I set and commit to achieving. 


So, goal achievers, if you’re listening to this, if you don’t know that question, answer that question. We are right around halfway through 2019 and ask yourself if 2019 was the last year of your life and, of course, no, it’s not going to be, but if it were, which goal would you set and commit to achieving? And then last but not least, Clint, your advice to become a celebrity entrepreneur how do you do that? Get on TV, get on local TV if you have to, speak in important places like Carnegie Hall, take pictures of celebrities like those that’ll be at the Living Legends Event and I know you mentioned earlier write a book and that for me was the way that I did it. Well, Clint, man, any closing comments before we wrap up today?




Clint: Just that I’m really proud of you. You’re one of the outstanding magic messengers, that people would come through my celebrity launch pad and learn how to book themselves on TV. I call them my magic messengers because you have magic power of being able to go on TV anytime you want for free and you’re one of the standouts. I’m so proud of you and I’m so honored to have played whatever part that I did in making this happen for you because your transformation of not even being able to afford to come to a seminar and now becoming who you are is what every author wants to be and become and I’m just awesomely amazed by you so thank you. 


Hal: Thank you, man. That’s touching. That means a lot, Clint. Thank you. Thank you. Really, really, really, really appreciate those kind words. I receive it, and I appreciate you, the part that you have played in my life and in my journey and my success so thank you. 


Clint: Amen. 


Hal: All right, brother. Hey, goal achievers, thank you for tuning in to today’s episode of the Achieve Your Goals podcast. I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Clint Arthur as much as I did. I do hope you will check out and join us at the event if you can, if you can make it. The dates are September 26 through 28. I have no doubt in mind it’s going to be an extraordinary event and I’ll be speaking, of course, alongside Martha Stuart, Michael Gerber, Ice T and just the random folks that Clint did a roundup for this event as he does bringing his A-game every time.


Clint: Hey, if they bring their Miracle Morning books, will you sign their books for them?


Hal: Of course. That’s a great point. Yeah. Bring your Miracle Morning or your Miracle Equation book or any of the other Miracle Morning series book. I will absolutely sign every single one. I’d be happy to take pictures with you, all of the above. 


Clint: You actually were nice enough to contribute a nice package of Miracle Equation bonus items to the general admission tickets so you know if you…


Hal: Does everybody get a copy of the book?


Clint: Yeah. Everybody gets a copy of the book, the Miracle Equation, and then you have that Miracle Equation other items that you put on there like your package. 


Hal: That’s right. Yeah. It was the bonuses that we gave for the people that got the book the first week, the launch bonuses. Yeah. I did offer those to your attendee so it’s going to be a six-week online course and a bunch of other cool implementation guides, all those other cool bonuses that I was promoting for months leading up to be the publishing date of the Miracle Equation.


Clint: Yeah. And the guided meditation of how to make your most important mission in life become your reality. 


Hal: Yes, that is. Yeah. You also will get my first ever guided meditation that I recorded which that was funny. I was nervous to do that but getting good feedback so, anyway, yeah, a lot looking forward to it. I can’t wait to see you at Carnegie Hall, Clint. Thank you so much, brother. I’ll talk to you soon. 


Clint: Thank you, Hal. 


Hal: Take care. 



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