How To Use The Miracle Equation To Become a Millionaire

Episode 266

How To Use The Miracle Equation To Become a Millionaire

Last week I had the opportunity to be interviewed on the Eventual Millionaire podcast and it was like some kind of out-of-body experience.

I don’t know that I’ve ever felt so inspired after an interview!

As soon as we finished recording, I told Jaime that I felt it was one of the most beneficial interviews I’ve ever done (in terms of the benefits for the listener, aka “YOU!”) and asked her if she’d be okay with me sharing it with you, and she said “Of course!” :^)

So, I’m VERY excited for you to listen to this episode! Jaime and I dig deeper into the Miracle Equation, talk about how to set your mission, and share more stories from my own life about the transformative results – financial and otherwise – that it helped me achieve.

Hal Elrod

“Personal development deludes us into thinking that we’re making progress when that’s not always the case.”


  • My can’t fail strategy for gradually becoming a millionaire – and how to see the perfection in the journey.
  • Why being a personal development junkie deludes us into thinking we’re making progress when that’s not actually the case – and how to translate the knowledge we acquire into action that changes our lives.
  • How to make the two decisions behind the Miracle Equation – and why they’re so rare in practice.
  • Why doing something for an hour a day, consistently, will do more to move you in the direction of your hopes and dreams than anything else.
  • One action you can take right now to get yourself closer to a million


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– Hal Elrod

"I decided I want to achieve all these goals but I can't give equal weight to all of them or I'll probably achieve none of them.”



Hal: Goal achievers aka listeners of the Achieve Your Goals Podcast aka members of the Miracle Morning Community aka amazing beautiful human being that you are listening to this, hey, this is Hal Elrod and I am in the middle of a whirlwind tour to share The Miracle Equation, my new book with the world. I just got back. I was in Brazil for a couple of days. The reception down there was unbelievable. If you’ve never been to Brazil, they are just like the most, what a culture, what a community there. They’re such loving, inviting, warm people. I had an amazing time in Brazil, spoke at Adriana Sant’Anna’s event and did a book signing, and my publisher presented me with a plaque which I had no idea. You might have seen me put this on social media, but with the foreign publishing, Miracle Morning is translated in the 34 languages once or twice a year from each country family. I don’t know how many copies we’re selling, otherwise, I don’t know. They didn’t report very often and if you had asked me how many copies of Miracle Morning were sold in Brazil, I’d say, I don’t know, like maybe 50,000. I know it’s done really well.


My publisher presented me with a plaque that says, “Congratulations on selling 500,000 copies of The Miracle Morning in Brazil,” and I about fainted in a good way. I’m like, “What? We’ve sold 500,000?” The book’s only been out for a few years like half the time as the original book in the US so really, really amazing and I had so many Brazilians come up to me and hug me and cry and tell me how The Miracle Morning has changed their lives and for their family and it was incredible. And then I went from Brazil I flew to San Jose, California and I just got done there with Jordan Harbinger, a good friend of mine, host of the Jordan Harbinger Show, one of the best podcasts on the planet, and then he introduced me to the Mind Pump guys. There’s a podcast called Mind Pump and they’ve got a huge following of really loyal listeners and fans. And so, I went there and did their podcast. There’s Sal, Adam, and Justin, and Doug. There’s three guys that host. We’re sitting on couches. It’s in person, on video, and audio, and that was really, really fun.


And then now I’m in San Diego. I just got here in San Diego filming with Pat Flynn tomorrow, my buddy Pat, for his YouTube channel and, yeah, just sharing The Miracle Equation with the world and it’s exciting. It’s really, really exciting that actually leads into today. Yesterday, I did the Eventual Millionaire Podcast with Jaime Masters and Jaime has become a good friend. Her podcast, Eventual Millionaire, is all about how to become a millionaire and create a business and a life that you love and so she wanted to kind of take the angle of like, “All right. Well, how does The Miracle Equation help you become a millionaire or just become financially successful? How do you use The Miracle Equation to earn money to create wealth, to improve your financial situation, to become a millionaire?” So, I was going to angle the interview and when the interview was like an out-of-body experience like I was just – it was like divine intervention. I was channeling some higher power. I don’t even know. I’ve never felt so inspired after an interview.


And I said, “Hey, Jaime, I don’t know what your like policies on this.” I said, “I can’t imagine that sharing The Miracle Equation in a way that is more powerful than I just did.” I said, “Is there any way that I could use this, our interview, and share it with my audience? I think it would really be powerful for them,” and she’s like, “Of course. That would be great.” So, it’s super cool, so I’m excited, really excited, for you to listen to this episode. I think it’s one of the most beneficial, not just on how to use The Miracle Equation to become a millionaire like we touched on that, that was part of the interview, but really, I think this interview will inspire you to just listen. Please trust me. It’s not very long. It was like a 30-minute interview or something, but I hope you feel about it anywhere close to the way that I do and I’m usually so hard on myself, critical of myself. We’re all critical of ourselves. I usually finish it in every. I’m like, “Ah, I messed that one up. I should’ve done this. I should’ve done that differently. I forgot to tell the listeners about this,” and this particular review I just I felt, yeah, I was speechless.


So, I hope you enjoy it. I really do. This is a little sneak peek of the Eventual Millionaire Podcast episode that you’re getting to listen to as an Achieve Your Goals Podcast listener and you’re going to hear a really powerful conversation between me and my friend Jaime Masters and I encourage you to, if you’re a podcast listener, go subscribe to Jaime’s podcast over at She’s a beautiful human being, she is brilliant, and she has great guests. It’s all about if you want to improve your financial situation, become a millionaire, or a billionaire, or 100,000-aire or whatever. She has a great podcast to tune into. So, love you and appreciate you, goal achievers. Hope you enjoy today’s episode and if you have not yet done so, please pre-order a copy of The Miracle Equation on Amazon or Barnes & Noble or wherever you want to buy books so wherever you like to buy books.


Forward your receipt to [email protected] and you will be enrolled to automatically receive $1,347 in brand new valuable bonuses including a live six-week course with me that starts in a few weeks, a guided meditation, a two-page implementation guide, and some more stuff so check that out. Pre-order the book at, forward your receipt to [email protected] and you will be all set. Thank you so much for listening to this introduction and I hope you enjoy today’s episode.




Jaime: Welcome to Eventual Millionaire. I am Jaime Masters and we have my dear, dear friend, Hal Elrod, back on the show. He wrote the infamous book called The Miracle Morning that has sold millions of copies plus he’s coming out with a brand new book. You can go check it out at and there’s all sorts of bonuses and craziness that comes along with it. Thank you so much for coming on the show today.


Hal: Jaime, thank you for having me and I love you. So, we went down at dinner a couple of weeks ago like I just love hanging out with you so I’m like this is just me hanging out, hopefully giving a bunch of value for people watching us hang out with you.


Jaime: Yay. And when I say dear friend, we actually hang out. He’s actually a dear friend, not a fake one, online friend. We live really close. Tell me more about the Miracle Equation. Because I heard about the miracle morning. You try to get me to do it. I did it. I liked it. It was annoying at first but The Miracle Equation is sort of a separate subsection. Actually, I want to read what the thing is two decisions to move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable. It’s so good. So, what are the two decisions? I really want to know what they are.


Hal: First, I’ll preface it with this. So, The Miracle Morning is a daily practice for personal development and it’s based on really a Jim Rohn philosophy which is that our level of success will always be in parallel with our level of personal development. If you want level 10 success, you got to develop yourself into a level 10 person in terms of your mindset, your beliefs, your skills, your habits, your knowledge. And as you grow yourself, your ability to create extraordinary results parallels right along with you. So, that was the foundation and The Miracle Morning, as you mentioned, there’s over a million people a day practice it around the world. Well, I kind of realized that many of us myself included are guilty of what I call being a personal development junkie. I’m going to say something that will offend some people. In fact, I’ve had some people that are Miracle Morning fans get like defensive and angry when I say this but personal development deludes us into thinking that we’re making progress when that’s not always the case.


Jaime: What?


Hal: And the reason is this, you can be the most personally developed person on the planet and you can read books and go to how to change your life lectures and do online courses and on and on and on but all that knowledge it tricks us into making, oh yeah, I’m getting smarter, I’m getting better, but that doesn’t mean that you’re going to actually translate that knowledge into action that’s going to move you closer to your goals and dreams. I think so many of us get guilty of thinking we read book after book after book but when we’re done reading a book, we don’t actually do anything with what’s in it except for being like, “Oh, this is great. This is going to change my life. But wait I got another book on my shelf. I got to start this one.” All we do after we finish a book is read another book. So, basically, here the way to frame it is The Miracle Morning is your daily practice for personal development. The Miracle Equation is the process for goal achievement like that’s how you go from, “I’m getting better in here and here and here,” to, “I want to see the bank account balance actually grow. Oh, that’s The Miracle Equation. Okay. I want to see like my weight actually get thinner or I want to see results not just learn a bunch of s**t and not do anything with it.” So, that’s where I saw the need to move it from just personal development to you’ve got to have a process for actually making the things that you’re focusing on in the morning real tangible results in your life. So, that’s the premise and then I can jump into the two decisions if you want.


Jaime: No. I just so appreciate you saying this because knowledge and wisdom you all have heard that sort of quote, two different things. Seeing the results is what people are doing and we’re spending so much time actually on the implementation side of anything but if we’re really smart and that’s what we think works unfortunately in this day and age of too much information. So, tell me how you can actually make it tangible for people? What are those two decisions?


Hal: So, yes, so the two decisions are they are deceptively simple in explanation but rare in execution. So, like when I say if I were to tell you the two decisions and then we were to be like, “Great. See you later,” you would like, “I got no value, I don’t know what to do. There’s nothing important…”


Jaime: Like that was cliché. Yeah.


Hal: Yeah. Exactly. So, the first decision is you have to develop unwavering faith. The second decision is you have to maintain extraordinary effort and you have to make these two decisions over and over and over and over again over an extended period of time and that is where you literally take the most grand vision you have for your life, your business, your goals, your dreams, and then you move them along the spectrum day by day by day from possible which anything is possible. Who cares what’s possible? We don’t pursue what’s possible. We pursue what’s probable. Likely that I’m not just going to how often do we pursue a goal that you’re like, “Nah, probably no chance that’ll happen but I’m going to go for it,” but the world’s most successful people they actually do that. They actually go, “You know what, Elon Musk is like, well, electric cars, that’s like not a real thing but I’m going to step out on faith that I believe that it could be a real thing. I’m going to maintain that faith and keep moving in the direction of being a real thing.”


I’ll put forth extraordinary effort which we’re going to make it ordinary here in a second because the more ordinary it feels, the better. And then you put forth extraordinary effort and then there’s an operative word here, until. Circle until, underline it three times, and it’s like most of us give up. We’re like, “Oh, I’m going to do it,” and then we try and then it doesn’t go as planned and then we’re like, “Ah, never mind. I’m going to go back to the way things were because if I show up to my job every day and get a check, I know it will pay the bills and that’s enough for me because I’m scared of more.” So, yeah, so extraordinary effort – no, I’ll pause and give me thoughts.


Jaime: Well, no, no, I absolutely adore this. I found in all the millionaire interviews that I’ve done it’s the commitment to the result that matters more than the how of anything. And so, what you’re saying is until like you just keep doing the two decisions until you reach it because you definitely will like that’s where the probable to inevitable.


Hal: Inevitable. Yeah. Here’s an example. Let’s say you want to be a millionaire. Sound familiar? Does that resonate here? Let’s say you want to be a millionaire. Fred was talking to me today but we’re talking about this and I said, “Oh, I was in Brazil doing an immediate thing and I have a new miracle.” Anyway, so he was asking me some questions about this. I said, “Listen to how simple this is.” And that’s the thing about success, right? It is what do they say it’s simple but I mean it is simple but not easy. So, I said, “Let’s say you want to be a millionaire.” I go, “Let me give you two steps that will guarantee you will eventually become a millionaire.” I was plugging your podcast all of a sudden. I said, “Step one, learn from people that have become wealthy that are teaching you whether in their book or whatever how to do it. Not by just staring at a vision board but like tactically how to do it.


And that was something so important to me in this book because I’m like this will not be woo woo at all like the title is kind of woo woo, the subtitle is a little woo woo, but it’s like how do we make this so practical, tangible, and actionable that people don’t walk away feeling good and being like, “I’m going to make a vision board but, oh, I’m going to do this then this,” like I get step by step. So, anyway, but on step one is learn from people that have generated wealth, created wealth, and step two is schedule an hour a day to do one thing to do the things you’re learning in the book and each day will be one thing you move in the direction and then don’t stop. That’s it. That’s it. And guess what? You eventually become a millionaire. You can’t fail. It might take you, you might want to do it in a year. It takes you four or it takes you 10 but when you finally get to the place that you’ve been working so hard for so long, you never wish it would happen any sooner. You’re like, “Oh, it was supposed to take 10 years. That journey was I had to go through all that. I had to go through that bankruptcy.” You see the perfection in the journey.


Jaime: It’s so hard to see when you’re in it versus later when you look back.


Hal: It is. And that’s part of what I talk about in the book with unwavering faith is I go, “Look, if you take the world’s greatest athletes,” like who growing up did you have like a favorite athlete? Like did you anybody…


Jaime: I watch wrestling and UFC. Anyway, go.


Hal: I talk about Michael Jordan. When I was a kid, I mean for like everyone in my generation every young man like Michael Jordan was the epitome of the champion, the most famous athlete in the world. So, Michael Jordan I believe and if you study the world’s most successful people in any walk of life, CEOs, millionaires, athletes, whatever, and we’re using an athlete in this example, Jordan, you find that these are the two fundamental decisions that are responsible for their success. So, with that first decision, unwavering faith, you take a Michael Jordan. He made a decision and it may have been an unconscious decision at some point in his life and his basketball career that he would make every shot that he ever took. Now let me ask you, Jaime, does any player ever – no one has ever made every shot, right?


Jaime: Yeah.


Hal: No. The best players in the world make about 50%. That means you missed just as many as you make. But here’s the deal. Even though the possibility of making every shot that Michael Jordan took was not real, it wasn’t possible. It was impossible. It didn’t change and he had unwavering faith every time the ball hit his hand that he was going to make the shot that he took and if he missed that shot most people and that’s why these decisions are so counter to our human nature, when you miss a shot and when I say miss a shot like that’s a metaphor for missing any expectation that you’re working toward, when you miss a shot then you start to doubt and you go, “Oh, maybe I’m not as capable as I thought I was. Now, if you missed two shots in a row and you go, “Uh oh, uh oh,” like an average basketball player goes, “Oh man, it’s an off night,” and he won’t shoot anymore. They’ll just pass the ball.


But the Lebron Jameses, the Michael Jordans, the Kobe Bryants, they could miss 17 shots, 25 shots for the first three quarters, their faith is unwavering and they want the ball every single time because their mental conversation which is what I teach in the book is, “Give me the ball. I will make this shot. I will reach this goal.” They go, “Wait. But you just missed the last shot. You just failed the last goal.” “Yeah, but I have unwavering faith that I will make the next one.” And here’s what this does. It moves your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable because just like Jordan couldn’t make every shot he took, you can’t make hit every goal you set. You’re not going to but when you apply the Miracle Equation, when you approach every goal with unwavering faith and you commit to putting forth extraordinary effort, you now put yourself in a position to achieve greater things than you ever imagined possible.


Jaime: I love this. I love this even more because your unwavering faith ever since I’ve known you is incredible unlike any other. I mean you’ve had cancer, you’ve had so many things that came up in your life that when I see you, you have unwavering faith. How the heck do we do this? Teach me, please, your wisdom.


Hal: So, when I came up with The Miracle Equation and the irony in this, I was with our friend, Jordan Harbinger, we’re talking today and he was like, “So, you’re really,” Jordan is like he doesn’t pull any punches, he’s like, “You’re really milking this Miracle thing, this Miracle brand.” And I go, “You know what, it’s funny, Jordan, I knew from the outside looking in they go, ‘Oh yeah, Miracle Morning was successful so now you did Miracle Equation like cool. That makes sense.’”


Jaime: Like that doesn’t work for everybody. Sorry. Just go ahead. That totally works. We should totally do that.


Hal: But here’s the irony. The Miracle Equation exists in six years before The Miracle Morning was even an idea. It was a book idea. It was something that I created to try to break the sales record and to put it in context, this means that it was a 14-day sales contest and I was trying to do something that no one in the 50-year history of our company had ever done. So, that’s pretty scary like not only had I never done it. No human being on the planet ever done it. So, you had to step out on faith. There’s no evidence. Only faith. So, essentially, it felt like this would be a miracle like if I pulled this off, it would be a miracle. And so, I ended up like going into the sales manager’s office the day before I’m like, “And I had spent three weeks going, okay, I’m going to sell $20,000 of kitchen knives. I’m 20 years old, $20,000 in 14 days. It’s going to be so hard but I’m going to do it. I’m going to do it.” And then our manager drops this bomb and he goes, “Hey, everybody, I don’t know if you know but the conference got moved back four days. We only have 10 days for the sales contest,” and like I raised my hand I’m like, “No, no, no, no, but tell me like this doesn’t count for the record I’m trying to break, right? I’m getting a pass because this isn’t a full 14 days?” He’s like, “Hal, unfortunately, it still counts.” I’m like, “Argh.”  


So, I go home that night and I’m wrestling with what do I do? Do I stick to the goal? Like it was almost impossible at 14 days. At 10, it’s like it’s not even – there’s no way. $2,000 a day like in that industry at that time, it wasn’t doable. And then I remembered something that one of my mentors taught me that I think it’s Jim Rohn. He’s said, “The real purpose of a goal isn’t to hit the goal. It’s who you become along the way.” And, specifically, who you become by giving it everything you have until the last moment and the value of who you become extends far beyond whether or not you’re reaching an individual goal. And so, I went, “Wait a minute. What if I just went for it like I actually tried to pull the miracle off in 10 days and I knew that if I didn’t hit it, it’s okay, but as long as I like legitimately gave it everything I have like what would that do for me and who I became?” And so, I went for it and I asked myself what decisions do I have to make today like the night before I started to do this? And I thought, “Okay. Well, what are the problems that could derail me?”


And for everybody listening, these are the problems that derail you from your goals and dreams. I don’t care who you are. Number one is fear and self-doubt. I thought I guarantee I’ve been in sales long enough to go, “I’m sure I’m going to have a bad day. I’m sure maybe I get halfway through the 10 days and I am nowhere near on track,” and I’m going, “Yeah. There’s no way I’m going to do it.” So, I thought I got to override my fear and self-doubt with faith. I have to do that by telling and here’s the thing, Jaime, this isn’t rocket science. What we focus on expands. What we focus on becomes our reality. So, if you have a fear or self-doubt because you missed a shot whether literally or figuratively then the self-doubt creeps in and then you start to question yourself and then you question your goal and then you question your ability and you question your commitment and you’re consumed by fear and self-doubt. Now, does that move you closer to where you want to go? Most people live that way, right? That’s how they live.


And so, I thought I’ve got to override that with faith and here’s how I did it. It was very practical. I wrote on a note in my pocket that I kept the entire time, “I am committed to giving it everything I have to sell $20,000 in 10 days no matter what. There’s no other option.” That’s it. It’s not rocket science and that became an affirmation, a mantra, where whenever I had a no sell I’m like, “Oh God, I’m nuts.” I would pull it out and I would literally scream it like I roll down the windows. I would scream it out of my car. I would be like, “I am committed to giving it everything I have until the last moment regardless of the results, no matter what, there’s no other option.” I said that hundreds and hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of times. And if you’re watching this, how often every day are you reciting thoughts and words and directing your focus on a level of unwavering commitment to achieve the result that’s the most meaningful in your life? I would bet for most people it’s not at all. If you started doing that, how might that shift what you think about, how you feel, what you focus on, and then what you do as a result? So, that’s how you maintain unwavering faith. Extraordinary effort, I said I would make this ordinary. This isn’t Gary Vaynerchuk-ing it, 80 hours a day.


Jaime: Thank you. Thank you. I got to go pick up the kids after this so, yeah, I got to do what I got to do.


Hal: This is what makes extraordinary effort extraordinary. If I had to sum it up in one word, it’s consistency. That’s it. It’s not 80 hours a day. It’s one hour a day. It’s one hour a day doing something meaningful that will move you in the direction of your biggest goals and dreams so that you can’t not get there. It just is a matter of time now. And that’s the thing, most people we chase squirrels, we get distracted, we get demotivated. We lose the steam that was initially there when we’re excited and so the effort either whether our faith goes out the window first or the effort. One of them goes and when one goes, the other one goes. When one goes, the other one goes. So, these are the two decisions that you don’t make them once and then sit back and wait. You don’t set it and forget it. You make them every day consciously, actively, and you live in alignment with them and you can’t fail and that’s what the book is like how do you breaking this down and making it actionable?


Jaime: You embody this anyway, just as a side note. So, how does somebody that’s a layman go through and go, “Okay. Now, I want those two things and I want to remember to do it every day.” So, you’ve had consistency of doing it over and over and over again. How do I get myself to do it?


Hal: Sure. So, like in the book, the book ends the same as The Miracle Morning. It ends with a 30-day challenge.


Jaime: What a surprise!


Hal: Yeah. And the reason is because like I said, usually, we get to the end of the book and we’re like great, next book. And this book’s like, “Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, you’re not allowed to not do this.” You have to actually implement what you just learned. There’s a lot of science on it. It takes 60 days or 30 days or 21 days to make it happen. Whatever. You just do them for 30 days. Now, it’s a part of your world, part of your life. So, a few kind of simple steps. Number one, like the book talks about how and it’s very much in alignment with the book, The ONE Thing, our friend Geoff Woods, is that we often set mini goals and goals are fun and cute. You set them. You don’t hit them. You set new ones next year. You go on New Year’s resolutions. Whatever. And so, the idea of taking, you set all your goals. I’ve got eight goals, I’ve got 10 goals, I’ve got goals, whatever. And then you get really clear on which of these is my mission. And language is really important because the language that we use affects our emotional response and the words that we say.


And goals are cute and fun but missions carry a different weight like humanitarian organizations carry out missions. The military carries out life or death missions. It’s not a goal that we do, “Go to another country and don’t die. Hope we get that goal. If we don’t go, we’ll set a new one.” “No, no, if you don’t, you die.” So, but our mission. So, the idea is, number one, is to identify your mission. What is the goal? So, set all your goals and then go which of these goals is the most meaningful? And for you, you have to measure that. Like, for me, it would be like which one of these will improve the quality of my life more than any other? And another caveat to that is which of these goals would by pursuing it with This Miracle Equation with everything I have would enable me to become the person that I would need to be to achieve everything else I want in my life? Like for me, I was told I would never walk again and then I decided to run a 52-mile ultramarathon and the funny part is not because I was a runner, I have never run more than a mile in PE class in high school but I literally, I mean, this is the reason I went, “Who would I have to become to run 52 miles in one day?” Like, I don’t know that guy, never met him. I’d love to not only meet him but I could become him. That would be freaking crazy because if I became that guy, s**t, I could do anything. Why? I don’t even know.


And so, that’s an example of a mission where you go by committing to that, it would force me to grow so much that even if whether I hit the goal or not, that doesn’t matter. Who I will be at the end of that journey is, man, I would be a different me. So, that’s the thing is set your mission and then write The Miracle Equation down in writing and it’s, “I am committed to maintain unwavering faith that I will give everything I have to ____,” like whatever your mission is, “and I’ll put forth extraordinary effort no matter what regardless of my results.” That’s an important caveat, regardless of my results. If results aren’t going the way you want like the book talks about, yes, you have to stop, you have to assess, you have to like make sure you don’t just keep going in the wrong direction.


Jaime: Yeah. Thank you.


Hal: Right? But you absolutely assess and then you go, okay, you have to keep moving forward. And so, that’s the simple way to execute this and it goes back to what I said with if you want to be a millionaire, learn what millionaires do, do it every day a little bit. Keep doing it until you get there. Now you’re an eventual millionaire.


Jaime: I love how you do break it down to what is simple. It’s like a slap in the face and be like you already know this stuff, just actually do it instead, because we do have this distrust of ourselves in goal setting. Because we’re like, “Oh, I set this thing. Oh, wait, well you know and whatever excuses come up from that.” Oh, wait I set this thing and then that takes the whole point of goals out at least to me. So, I love the idea of mission. How do you pick just one?


Hal: So, okay, I’m glad you asked that. It is the first time I did this whole idea of mission. I was trying to double my sales. It was actually the last year I was with that company with Cutco and I was trying to double my sales from and I have been one of the top rep for five years so to put in context like every year I was always like the top five out of 50,000 and I’m like, “Wait a minute. I want to double my sales. I want to double the best year I’ve ever done since I only have one year in the company.” I want to go out like with a bang. Stop it. Sorry.


Jaime: That’s okay.


Hal: I want to go out with a bang and I thought, “What would that look like?” And the ultimate reason for me to do that, for me to double my sale wasn’t the income, the money, the recognition. It went back to who would I have to become to produce twice as much as the best I’ve ever done for an entire year? I don’t know that guy. That’s crazy. So, what I did is I got really clear. That year I had a goal to get in the best shape of my life physically. I wanted to meet my wife. That was kind of the goal target control but I’m going to put that intention out there. I wanted to rock climb three days a week. I wanted to write my first book. I wanted to launch my speaking career and I wanted to start my first ever business coaching business, my coaching.


Jaime: You’re not an overachiever at all, Hal.


Hal: And I was the first year I like really became like an over, over, over overachiever but here’s the deal, because this is what will blow people or might surprise you. I decided, okay, I want to achieve all these goals but I can’t give equal weight to all of them or I’ll probably achieve none of them. And I thought which one is my mission? And I went, “Well, this is the last year that I have to sell at Cutco. It’s the last year I’m with this company so I don’t get a second chance on this.” And if I were to do this, A, it would double my income so I would have a lot more cash to start this new business and promote my new book and all of these things. And I think it’s the hardest goal where I have a reference of going, “I would literally be producing twice what I had ever done,” so it’s like I decided that’s my mission and here’s how this lines up beautifully. So, in the book, I talked about your mission and then I go, “Whoa, don’t forget about all your other goals.” The mission all of a sudden, so you have all the goals, the mission rises up to the top and in a very logistical, practical way I was not allowed to spend any time on any of my other goals on any day until I had done the process, in the book I teach you to find your process, until I had executed the process that would move me toward my mission.


So, in the morning, I would make my 20 calls for the day and once I did that, I earned the right to work on my book for an hour to start some coaching and work on coaching clients, to go to the gym. That year I got into the best shape of my life. I went down to 5.7% of body fat. I don’t know if that’s even healthy and I put on like 20 pounds of muscle. I met the woman of my dreams so I now have two kids with. I wrote my first book and published it, Taking Life Head On! I launched my speaking career and gave my first paid speaking engagement, and I got my first six coaching clients before the year was over and I hit my goal and doubled my sales and doubled my income.


Jaime: You did double. Darn it. You totally did them all. Okay.


Hal: But I look back and I go, “If I had not clarified my mission, every day would’ve been a debate on what should I spend time on now,” and at the end of the year I could almost guarantee I would’ve failed at every single one.


Jaime: I really appreciate this. In doubling yourself in that specific instances though, why wouldn’t you go, “Hey let me make 50 calls. Let me spend not however many hours or whatever it is. Why don’t I double what that is?” And then you wouldn’t actually have as much time to do all the rest of this stuff like why not try and go all in for some of those things? How did you know that 20 was enough?


Hal: So, great example and it actually ended being 40 for the day. Here’s how this worked. So, in the book I talked about the power of the process like every result we want to achieve in our life is preceded by a process and the process is what required to not only required to this result but if you define the process accordingly, effectively, it’s not just required but it makes the result inevitable. So, for example, if you want to lose weight, if that’s a result you’re after, if you limit your core intake and then you increase your cardio exercise every day to burn more calories than you’re taking in, unless you have a genetic defect or something, your result is inevitable. You eventually will lose the weight. So, you’re going to apply this to anything with the process. So, here’s what I did. I went, okay. I looked back at my schedule from the year that I had sold $100,000 of Cutco knives and I was trying to sell $200,000 that year. I counted, I went back because I would tally my calls every day and so I was able to go back and literally go, “How many calls would it take me to sell $100,000?” And I went, “Oh, it was like 21.2 calls a day or something.” It’s right at 20.


And I go, “So, wait,” and this takes the fear. Doubling a result like is scary but when you break it down to the process, I went, “Wait a minute. I made 40 calls in a day before. I’ve never sold $200,000 in a year, but I made 40 calls in a day so I could commit to the process knowing that if I do it every day the law of average is going to play out. It’s almost inevitable that I will double my income.” I was still scared of the result that I was not scared making 40 calls in a day. So, I made 20 calls in the morning and then 20 calls in the evening, hitting people that were home during the day and then hitting them home in the evening and that’s it. It’s like, “Oh,” and I sold $205,000 like double. I mean, like it’s really not rocket science. That’s what I say in the book, I’m like, “Miracles aren’t these crazy things,” and here’s how I define a miracle. All it is, is any result outside the realm of what you believe is probable for you, therefore, when you hit it, it feels like a miracle. Like when I doubled my income in sales that year, I literally remember I got my mail and the week after the year ended and it was my final commission tip and you never know if the orders are all going to go through. Sometimes you have like they don’t go through, credit cards decline, right? And I was like close.


And so, I was standing at the foot of my bed and I open my commission statement and it said $205,000 and I remember I literally, like you can insert classical music here, I like I opened my arm with my commission statement in hand and I just like I was falling on a bed of clouds. It was like, “Oh, my God. I did it.” And that’s the experience I want to have with this book is like you are capable of so much more and this unlocks that for you and I want you to have an experience of getting the foot of your bed and whatever your miracle is, six months from now or whatever you just fall back and you’re like, “I can’t believe I did it like I cannot believe I did it. Fricking crazy,” and then you move on to your next miracle.


Jaime: You gave me goosebumps. I love this. Okay. Everybody makes sure they pick up the book. I know we have to start wrapping up but I want to talk about this next time after many months after this is a huge international bestseller and then we’ll chat again because I’ll have more of your time because I know you’re running from podcast to podcast but at least you listen to him on a bazillion of the best podcast because he’s going on an amazing tour right now. That’s why you’re with Jordan but I’m going to ask you the last question. What is one action listeners can take this week to help move them forward towards their goal of a million?


Hal: Yes. I’m going to actually revisit an action that I gave earlier. Repetition is key. So, here’s the deal. Number one is to find your mission. So, look at all of your goals and if you don’t have your goals set, set the goal. Go google an article on how to set goals. Get it all on a page. Most of you probably are but look at all your goals and revisit them and ask yourself which of these is the most meaningful, most significant, and maybe most important by giving it everything I have that would enable me to become a version of myself that I’ve never met but that could accomplish anything that version ever put their mind to and that is your mission. And then I’m giving a second step which is that Miracle Equation, put that in writing and phrase your mission, “I am committed to give it everything I have to reach this _____,” whatever your mission is, “no matter what, there is no other option.” And just read that every day and then live in alignment with it and now your success becomes inevitable. If you have a mission and you’re doing something every day that moves you in the direction of that mission, it’s inevitable you will eventually get there.




Jaime: Everybody, go to so you can pick it up with all the bonuses and one thing that I feel like you do really, really well is build a community around this. So, are you going to have a Miracle Equation Community also that I can join and be part of the challenge?


Hal: Yeah. We have 200,000 people in the Miracle Morning Facebook group and 500,000, 600,000 in the email community and so I’m like I don’t think that I should – it’s going to be the Miracle Morning Community and the beauty of it is everybody – with Miracle Morning I was not an author. I was unknown. It’s so wild to launch this book and have like hundreds of people poke like we have 300 people in the advanced reader team. They’re all Miracle Morning fans and there’s these hundreds of selfies online and people were like, “This book is as good as the Miracle Morning. It’s just different, yada, yada, yada,” so I’m not sure what the community, it’s the Miracle Morning Community. We might just rename it The Miracle Community. I’m not sure. We’ll figure that out.


Jaime: So, that’s what I wanted to highlight. I want everybody to go check that out because the amount of community that you have so you’re not alone to do this because I know we are the weirdos listening to podcast by ourselves and our families might not know what we’re doing and we’re kind of crazy and your community is just so fantastic of people really helping each other and putting each other up and helping boost the neededness of personal development in wisdom and actually doing it. So, I so appreciate it. Everybody should go check out the Miracle Morning Community, whatever you call it. I don’t actually care but as long as everybody’s in it and working together on the goals and doing this challenge. Thank you so much, Hal, for coming on again as always.


Hal: Thank you.


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