263: Taking the Mystery Out of Miracles

Episode 263

263: Taking the Mystery Out of Miracles

“Miracle” is a loaded word. It has many meanings for many different people, ranging from a spiritual/religious connotation and is often attributed to a random or passive act. But what exactly is a miracle? Why should you care? And most importantly – how can you create tangible, measurable miracles in your own life?

In today’s episode, based on my new book, The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable, I will take the mystery out of miracles and show you how a combination of Unwavering Faith and Extraordinary Effort will give you the power to overcome even your most difficult challenges and create a Level 10 in any area of your life.

I want ALL of us to move from being in awe of the world’s most successful people – to joining them. I want you to help ALL of us stop living from a place of stress and fear, and to override our inborn human nature, stop settling for less than we want, and better ourselves and our lives – starting now.

In today’s podcast, I dig deeper into the mindset behind the Miracle Equation – and share more stories of making extraordinary effort feel ordinary.

– Hal Elrod

"As human beings, we all share an innate desire to live to our full potential, to constantly grow, improve, and become better as we move forward for ourselves, the people that we love, and the people that we lead."


  • What a tangible, measurable miracle is – and how to bring them into your life.
  • Why “possible” is rarely enough to give you the drive to tackle your biggest goals and dreams – and how that mindset stops many people before they ever get out the gate.
  • A powerful example of how the Miracle Equation allows people to overcome challenges and adversity in their personal and professional lives.
  • How to get over being a “personal development junkie” – and create a meaningful, measurable process for goal achievement.


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– Hal Elrod

"Human nature is to put forth ordinary effort which gets us ordinary results. So, how do you make extraordinary effort part of your way of living, so that it feels ordinary — so that it’s your default operating mode”



Hal: Goal achievers and Miracle Morning practitioners, members of The Miracle Morning Community, welcome to the Achieve Your Goals Podcast. This is Hal Elrod and today’s episode, Taking the Mystery Out of Miracles. We’re going to dive into what a miracle is and what it isn’t, and why should you care, and how do you create miracles in your own life. Man, I’ll tell you guys and gals, it’s a whirlwind right now. As many of you know, my new book’s coming out on April 16, The Miracle Equation: The Two Decisions That Move Your Biggest Goals from Possible, to Probable, to Inevitable and this is my whole world right now. It’s my first traditionally-published book. Every other book, I’ve got a dozen books out there roughly and they’re all self-published and this is my first traditionally-published book and it’s a whole new experience. I might tell you about it at some point and I’ll do an episode like what the difference was between self-publishing and traditional but it’s great. I’ve got extra support. I have a whole team of publicists.


There’s PR person and there’s a social media person, and I’ve got my editor and I’ve got my associate editor, and I’ve got my agents, and they’re just this awesome team and with that, comes a lot of not only benefits but a lot of pressure like there’s a lot of extra pressure and probably a lot that I’m putting on myself but I’ll be very honest which is I really want the book to do really well. And I really feel that it can radically transform people’s lives. I really believe that and The Miracle Equation came long before The Miracle Morning. Interestingly enough, most people from a glance would go, “Oh, so Hal did The Miracle Morning and now he’s doing The Miracle Equation, some kind of spin-off of The Miracle Morning,” and, no, it’s not the case there. It’s actually kind of the opposite where The Miracle Equation not only came before The Miracle Morning, I started practicing The Miracle Equation. I’m sorry. Naming it The Miracle Equation when I was 20. I was practicing it before that. I said, “No. I just had a name for it but I started calling it The Miracle Equation because I felt like this was the formula that I could I overcome every obstacle that I’ve been faced with.


I had achieved goals beyond what little old me thought that I never thought that I could and I realize that this formula was responsible for overcoming my own self-doubt and limitations and being able to accomplish things I never thought I could and then I started teaching other people and I saw the same results with them and always wanted to write a book about it ever since I became an author at least and now finally I’ve done that. So, real quick before we dive into today’s message, I wanted to let you know that I’ve been kind teasing like, hey, we’re working on some awesome bonuses for the book launch because, I guess, I really want the book to do well in the launch because the better the book does when it comes out like the day that it comes out on April 16 and before that, with the preorders leading up, then the more people it impacts, the more people it reaches and that we get out of Amazon’s algorithms and Barnes & Noble’s algorithms all kicking in. And so, it promotes the book and shares it with more people.


So, as a way to do that, I am working with a book launch manager, one of the most authentic just really great guys to work with. My business partner, Honoree Corder, recommended Tim Grahl. Tim is my book launch manager and his focus is on quality over quantity, which is meaning like instead of me just emailing everyone I know and being like, “Hey, will you share the book with your email list or your audience?” it’s really a focus on quality really engaging in as deep a way that I can, adding as much value as I can, and one of the ways that we’re doing that is with these book launch bonuses. And so, we don’t have an official name yet, for like a few years ago, Tim Ferriss, he called his book launch it was like the landslide I think or something like that. So, maybe we’ll have a cool name for it, The Miracle Something, but for now, I’ll just tell you what they are and that is very straightforward here. So, if you will go and preorder The Miracle Equation now on and you can get it on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Walmart.com, Target.com, wherever books are sold.


But if you preorder the book and then as soon as you get your email receipt, just forward your email receipt to [email protected]. You can get go over $1,000 in bonuses and these aren’t like I’m not just pulling stuff out of my hat or I’m like, “All right. Well, I’ve got this course that I did like five years ago so I’m going to throw that in,” and, well, I’ve seen a lot of authors do that which is still looking great, valuable, I guess right, but I’m not pulling a bunch of random stuff from my past for you. I’m actually creating bonuses that are highly valuable and completely relevant to The Miracle Equation and the first, the biggest one-ish, I should say the biggest one for last or I’ll reverse the order here. I don’t know how I’ll tell you this. So, one is going to be a Miracle Equation limitless potential guided meditation and this is a meditation that will be my voice. So, if you don’t like my voice, you won’t want this bonus but if you like my voice and it would be a soothing version of my voice because it’s a meditation, but it’s the Miracle Equation limitless potential guided meditation.


That way you can listen to it every day or as often as you like and it will help you reinforce the mindset that makes up The Miracle Equation, the mindset of unwavering faith where you live and replace your sphere and self-doubt with faith in the way that the world’s most confident, prolific achievers are able to maintain a mindset, focused on what they want, and what they’re capable of versus what they don’t want, what they’re afraid of, their limitations, their insecurities, that sort of thing. The beauty of this, by the way, is, like they always say, “Courage is not the absence of fear. Courage is action in the face of fear.” It’s you doing the things you’re afraid of. And in the same way, The Miracle Equation, the unwavering faith component of it, all of these things are, it doesn’t mean that you’re not going to have fear or self-doubt. The beauty of it is like for me, I saw of insecurities and fears and self-doubt. This meditation will allow you to move through those, to acknowledge that, yep, I’ve got this fear, yep, I’ve got this doubt, but I am going to operate today and every day, not from a place of fear, but from a place of unwavering faith that I can have, be, and do everything that I can imagine for myself and then we will support that, of course, with extraordinary effort. So, that’s the first bonus is the guided meditation.


The second bonus is going to be a one-page Miracle Equation action, what’s it called? I’m not looking at it. It’s the immediate action worksheet, I think. I forgot what we’re calling it but the point is what we focus on expands and so it’s the idea that we’re going to have, it’s going to be a one-page sheet that I’m creating that is going to basically encompass the entire book in one page. A lot of times you’ll see it called a cheat sheet like authors have called it cheat sheet. I don’t really love the cheat sheet because the word cheat has a negative connotation, but that’s the idea is that you’re able to take the entire book, everything you’re going to learn in the book, and you’re going to be able to implement it right away. And so, when I say right away, by the way, that’s a bonus you’re going to get right away when you forward your email to [email protected] your email receipt from the book purchase. So, you’ll actually be able to implement The Miracle Equation a month or weeks before or before the book comes out.


And then the third bonus, and this is the big one. This is like this one to me is the only one that really, we need to deliver and that is I am going to run a live Miracle Equation course, and it’s going to be a six-week course. It’s going to start the week after the book comes out and this is exclusively for people that preorder the book or get the book on pub date on April 16 and this course will be valued at roughly $1,000. I don’t know the exact value determined. I’ve got to look at exactly what the components are going to be but it’s going to be essentially six weeks of me leading you through how to implement everything in the book. Because as we know, so often you read a book and then you read it and then you don’t do anything with the information. We’re all guilty of that. I think I’m guilty of it. You probably are too, right? We listen to a book, we read a book, and then we’re like, “Oh, man. That was great,” and then we don’t do anything with it and I think that happens too often.


And so, this is going to be that when the book comes out, I’ll be guiding you through, leading you through how to implement everything that you learn in the book. It’ll be a six-week live interactive course and it will be with me and it will be where you can ask questions and so on and so forth and will be delivered via video so you’ll be able to see me and I probably can see you. I’m not sure. Actually, too many people to be able to see everybody but anyway, so that’s exciting. So, yeah, so if you’re up for it and, sorry, this introduction went a little longer than I intended, but go to MiracleEquationBook.com. That will take you to Amazon. Again, wherever you buy your books, you can go buy the book, forward your receipt to [email protected] and then you will receive over $1,000 in bonuses in exchange as a thank you for supporting the launch of The Miracle Equation and just investing in the $20 give or take, a $20 book. So, that is that. Those are the bonuses. I’m excited. So, I’m excited to go deep with you in this live course and I’ve actually never done a live course. So, this is my first ever, going to my first ever live course so that’s kind of cool. I’ve thought about doing it for a long time. This book finally prompted me, “All right. Let’s deliver a lot of value.”




Hal: So, today’s topic, today’s podcast episode, Taking the Mystery Out of Miracles, I think it’s really important. Miracles are kind of mysterious like it’s kind of that word, I realize it’s a very loaded word. It can have a very religious context. It can have a spiritual context. The word miracle has a lot of different meanings for a lot of people and I’ll start by just defining the word miracle in the way that the context of how I teach it in The Miracle Equation book and how I’d encourage you to consider or think about it. So, I’m not talking about parting the Red Sea and we’re not talking about you creating those kinds of miracles. I’m talking about what I call tangible, measurable miracles. So, these are practical. These are actionable. This is you. It’s not the kind of pray and wait miracle where you passively wait. Not there’s anything wrong with that but I had rather empower you to go, “No, no, no, here’s how you can actively create these tangible, measurable miracles in your life, not just pray and wait and hope that they happen for you or to you.” So, the way that I define a miracle is pretty straightforward here. It is any outcome that is beyond the realm of what you believe is probable for you. I’ll say that again. So, the definition of a miracle in this context for The Miracle Equation is any outcome that is beyond the realm of what you believe is probable for you. Thus, when you accomplish it, it feels like a miracle.


And notice, by the way, I said probable, not possible because if you’re an optimist, you probably believe in the optimist credo, which is anything is possible. Anything is possible, but possible is rarely enough to get you out of bed in the morning with the drive and the motivation that you need to tackle your biggest goals and dreams. Think about that for a second. How often do people pursue that which they don’t believe is likely to happen? Meaning probable. If it’s probable then I’m willing to invest the time and energy into working toward something that I think is probably going to happen. I can probably achieve this thing. But here’s the problem is that that which we view is probable usually is because it’s something that it’s not that much different or bigger or better than what we’ve already accomplished. It’s something that is incrementally better or a repeat of something we’ve done in the past. When it comes to it being probable, that’s really important that it’s probable, but you really want to start with things that in your mind might at this time based on where you are in your life or who you are in your life or who you’ve been in the past, they might feel nearly impossible.


And that’s kind of what The Miracle Equation is about is closing that gap on goals and dreams that feels so big and therefore so scary and maybe so out of reach that most people never even get out the gate. We never even get started on these big goals and dreams because we don’t think they’re probable. They’re outlandish. And we checked into the past, we have no evidence that we can do this thing because it’s new. It’s out of our comfort zone. It’s something we’ve never done before. And so, but if you think about it, the world’s most prolific achievers, successful individuals, people that have made an impact in the world, or even just the impact in their own life for their own family, they all started by imagining that they could do something, envisioning a possibility that was beyond what they knew was probable. It was something that was outside of the realm of what they had ever accomplished before. So, for me, and for you, there are two kinds of ways to look at that. It might be overcoming something that is a significant challenge for you.


So, for me, that meant when I was hit head-on by a drunk driver and told I would never walk again, that for me was taking my first step three weeks later. That for me, a miracle was beating cancer after I’d given a 30% chance of surviving. So, that’s one-half of the types of miracles you might create is overcoming an adversity, a challenge, whether it’s a health challenge or a financial challenge or a relationship challenge that feels so grand, so difficult, that it feels like a miracle. For me to walk again when I was told I would never walk again felt like that would be a miracle. When I was told I had a 30% chance of living, well, I had to dig deep to create a miracle and turn that 30% chance of surviving into 100%. And I don’t know if I’ve shared this with you or not before, but the day I was diagnosed with cancer and the day I was given a 30% chance of surviving, I mean, I don’t exactly remember the moment. I don’t know if it was five minutes later or five hours later, but it was the first day or so. The Miracle Equation is one of the first things that came to my mind as the most effective way that I knew to defy the odds and accomplish something that felt impossible.


And so, I literally within the first day of being diagnosed with cancer, The Miracle Equation is how I will beat this. The Miracle Equation is how I’ve overcome odds in the past. It’s worked for everyone I’ve taught it to. It’s how the world’s most successful individuals in the world, people that have overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. This Miracle Equation, these two decisions, this is how all of us and you two, things in your past, when you look at things. I’ll give an example, yesterday I did an interview. I was interviewed by JJ Virgin. I need to make a note. Whenever I’m on my podcast. Sorry. I’ll make a note real quick. You guys may know, JJ Virgin. Her most recent book is The Miracle Mindset, she wrote The Virgin Diet. JJ’s phenomenal. Well, her son, doctor said her son would never walk, but he would never, I don’t even remember the exact diagnosis but basically, her son had significant health challenges. And as I was explaining The Miracle Equation on the podcast yesterday on her podcast, she got really excited and just what’s the word?


Wouldn’t just say she was excited at that she goes, “Hal. This is exactly how my son got better. I maintained unwavering faith.” The doctor said he has very little chance of surviving, of walking, of the talking and she said, “I said no, no, no, doctors, you’re wrong. He has 110% chance of doing all the things that you say that he doesn’t have a very good chance that he’s going to do.” So, she established and maintained unwavering faith that her son would get better and to close that story, I mean, he is now and he walks, he talks, he does all the things the doctor said he would never do. And then the second part of The Miracle Equation, extraordinary effort, when I explained that, she goes, “Hal, that’s the other component.” She said, “I was willing to do whatever it took no matter what. There was no other option to save my son, my son’s quality of life,” and again applying those two decisions.


And then what she said is she said, “Hal, it’s kind of like The Miracle Equation. When you wrote that book,” she said, “Everybody went, all of us successful people were going, ‘Oh yeah, I do that. I do most of the miracle morning already.’” Did I say Miracle Equation or Miracle Morning? She said, “When you wrote The Miracle Morning, we all realize that, ‘Oh, we all do all the stuff. I’ll just put into a book,’” and then after I explained the miracle equation, she goes, “Wow. Hal, you did it again. This is how we are successful.” She said, “It’s literally you’re right. It’s these two decisions. We make them and we maintain them over and over and over, over an extended period of time until we create the results that we desire, unwavering faith and extraordinary effort.” So, I was really reaffirming and that’s when I went, “JJ, I’ve got to interview you on the Achieve Your Goal Podcast like you’re a living example of someone who’s extremely successful and not only successful in your business but, again, in your personal life. She’s had both sides of that. She’s both overcome extreme adversity using The Miracle Equation and she became a multimillionaire and changed millions of people’s lives using The Miracle Equation.


So, JJ’s a living example. She’s one of an infinite amount. And I’m going to start, she made me think, “Gosh, these guys are interviewing people about how they’ve applied The Miracle Equation to their life.” So, yes, so one side of the coin I mentioned, I just got off on a tangent. Hopefully, JJ’s story was valuable for you to see just a real-life example of how someone who’s overcome extreme adversity and achieve great results, they attribute it to The Miracle Equation. Once they understand that, “Yeah. Oh, The Miracle Equation, it is what I do. It is how I’ve lived. It is why I was able to be so successful or overcome my challenges.” So, the first part of the first thing you apply The Miracle Equation too though is overcoming challenges or adversity and the second thing is achieving these seemingly like grand visions that you may or may not have for your life but that we all want. I mean, nobody doesn’t want to have an extraordinary life. No one doesn’t want to have that level 10 health, level 10 success, level 10 relationships, level 10 happiness. So, how do you achieve that?


And the Miracle Morning and The Miracle Equation really do work together because The Miracle Morning is the process for personal development but you need a process for goal achievement that supports it. So, you’ve got Miracle Morning is your practice for personal development and that allows you to develop the qualities and characteristics, the knowledge, the peace of mind, the confidence, things that you develop yourself to become a better version of the person that you already are. You keep growing and improving yourself and then you become more capable of achieving bigger and bigger goals and dreams and so on and so forth. However, you can spend all the time you want on personal development and then do nothing with it. I think a lot of us and I’ve been guilty of being a personal development junkie where you think the personal development alone is enough. Yeah, I’m learning, I’m growing, and you have this false sense of accomplishment because you are learning and growing but reading a book on finances doesn’t put money in your bank account. Reading a book on health doesn’t improve your health. You follow?


So, engaging in personal development in any area in and of itself doesn’t necessarily create these tangible results that we want in our lives. You read a book on finances, great. Well, how do you increase your bank account balance? You read a book on health. Okay. Great. How do you drop those extra pounds or get in the fitness or the energy level that you want? And that’s about the next after personal development, it’s goal achievement, right? I mean, you’re listening to the Achieve Your Goals Podcast so I’m just preaching to the choir here but it’s a crucial aspect is that you’ve got to bridge that gap between, okay, I’m learning and I’m growing every day. I’m doing The Miracle Morning. How do I now take this to the next level? How do I implement this stuff I’m learning? Because I think there’s a lot of people, again, myself included for many years I was a personal development junkie and that is that, you know, I wasn’t actually taking action on the books that I was reading on the development that I was doing, and then I realize you’ve got to follow up your practice for personal development with a process for goal achievement and that is what The Miracle Equation is.


And so, that second half is, okay, how do I achieve goals and dreams that are beyond what I’ve ever accomplished before? So, when it comes to miracles again, the definition I gave at the beginning is any outcome that is beyond the realm of what you believe is probable for you. And you might remember the subtitle of The Miracle Equation book is the two decisions that move your biggest goals from possible to probable to inevitable. And inevitable is where you create miracles and we’re going to talk more. This is the second episode in The Miracle Equation series. The last episode was the Origin of The Miracle Equation and I shared with you the story of how this whole thing came to be and if you haven’t listened to that episode, I really encourage you to do it because it’s very valuable, I think, and the story that I share with you in that episode is the exact story that I shared for many years with my coaching clients to teach in The Miracle Equation. I didn’t have a book, I didn’t have a – all I had was like, “Hey, here’s how I applied it in my own life and here’s how it works and if you make these two decisions, you should see similar results in your own life.”


When I taught that to my coaching clients, I crossed my fingers and went, “I hope it works for them like it worked for me. I really don’t know if it’s going to,” and then I was so pleasantly surprised that, I mean, client after client, person after person after person that Implemented The Miracle Equation based on the story that I told in the last podcast episode, the Origin of The Miracle Equation, and if you want to listen that, if you haven’t heard it yet, you can go to HalElrod.com/262. That will take you to that episode, the Origin of The Miracle Equation, on my website and if you want to listen to it on iTunes, you can listen to there or Stitcher or whatever your favorite podcasting platform is. But I know today’s episode is kind of short. Again, I want to or say this again that this is about you creating tangible, measurable miracles in your life. This is about you deciding that you’re ready to override human nature which is to continue staying in our comfort zone and settling for what we have, which isn’t bad. I’m not criticizing what we have. We should be grateful with what we have, but I think that as human beings, we all share an innate desire, innate drive to live to our full potential, to constantly grow and improve and become better ourselves and make our lives better as we move forward for ourselves and for the people that we love and people that we lead.


So, I hope that you will join me in this mission, this miracle mission of elevating the consciousness of humanity one person at a time. I’ve said in the past one morning at a time which that’s still the case with The Miracle Morning, but I realize as we do The Miracle Equation, you might be doing The Miracle Equation, you’re going to live that all day long. And let me say this too, by the way, I’ve got another five minutes or so that I could go so I’ll riff for a little bit more. But what was I going to say? Shoot. I was going to say The Miracle Equation. This is what I want to say. The Miracle Equation, this is a fundamental way of living. Okay. These two decisions are the fundamental decisions that what I call miracle mavens. So, in the book, I referred to the people who already live the miracle equation, the people that have already created most of them over and over and over again. They’ve created many tangible, measurable miracles, results that other people marvel at. You go, “Wow. How are they so successful? Man, I wish I had what that that mojo that they have.” I wish I had that. What are they doing? What do they do differently than what I’m doing?


We marvel at the world champions, Olympic gold medalists. We marvel at billionaires. We marvel and go, “Wow.” And Laila Ali who is you may know Laila Ali. She is Mohammed Ali’s daughter. She is an 18-time world champion boxer. She’s featured in The Miracle Equation. I reached out to her and I asked her if she applied it to her life and she gave me an endorsement for the book and said, “Absolutely.” I’m not looking at her endorsement right now. Actually, it’s on Amazon. I can go see it like in probably 2 seconds here. One sec. MiracleEquationBook.com. That takes you to Amazon, by the way, MiracleEquationBook.com. No, it’s not taking me to Amazon for some reason. That’s a bummer. All right. Better get that fixed. Anyway, that Laila Ali she said, I’ll paraphrase what she said but it was something along the lines of, “With the Miracle Equation, you no longer have to marvel at the world’s best. Now you know how to join them if you literally know the two decisions the world’s most successful people in all walks of life that they live by.”


And again, they’re not one-time decisions. It’s a fundamental way of living. It’s how you approach your life through the lens of unwavering faith where you have unwavering faith that you can overcome any challenge, that you can accomplish any goal that you set, and then you have a process which is kind of what The Miracle Equation that you do in the book is break down, okay, well what’s the process for extraordinary effort. How do you make it ordinary? How do you make extraordinary effort, which by default sounds kind of overwhelming like, “Ah, that sounds like a lot of work?” I don’t want to put forth extraordinary effort. Human nature is not to put forth extraordinary effort, which is why it is called extraordinary effort. Human nature is to put forth ordinary effort which gets us ordinary results. So, it’s how do you make extraordinary effort part of your way of living, so that it feels ordinary so that it’s your default operating mode that you just give extraordinary effort each and every day a little bit at a time, not working 80 hours a week. Just a little bit each day that moves you closer to your biggest goals and your biggest dreams to take them from possible to probable to inevitable.


And so, just keeping that in mind that this isn’t like a one-time, get-rich-quick like, “Oh, I’m going to make these two decisions and I’m going to reach a goal and then I’m going to go back to living the way things were.” This is about conditioning this fundamental way of living, these two decisions, and making them part of your operating system, part of the way that you think, part of the way that you live, the way you behave, the way that you show up to everything you do, your work life, your family life. I’ll give you an example, extraordinary effort for me, I know that it’s because I’ve been living The Miracle Equation for 20 years, I know that extraordinary effort is required for me everything that I want in my life, creating life that I want. Part of that is staying cancer-free. I mentioned that The Miracle Equation is truly how I believe that I beat cancer. I had unwavering faith and I repeated them, the miracle mantra that I talked about in the book, and that that focused my mindset whenever I had fear. The fear was still there. I was always afraid I was going to die.


I thought about that probably almost every day. That thought entered my mind. I could die. I could leave my kids without a dad. I could leave my wife without a husband like there’s nothing. That is the worst thing in my life to me. I can die, no problem, like I am at peace with that but leaving my children without a father, without me to influence them, that to me was the most heart-wrenching thing I’ve ever had to face. So, the fear was there but I didn’t go down the rabbit hole because I had the tool of unwavering faith. Whenever I started, whenever that fear entered my mind, I would immediately repeat my miracle mantra, which is real simple. I am committed to beating cancer and living a 100-plus-year life with my family no matter what. There is no other option. And what we focus on expands. That’s true. It’s very old adage. What we focus on expands. Most of us you get a fear in your head. That seed is planted and it starts growing and growing and growing like a bush out of control.


And instead of the fear being our focus that expands and consumes us, we have now this tool of unwavering faith to replace that fear. And so, for me, whenever I had the fear come in, “Oh my God, I could die like I could die.” It’s a fact. There are people that and then no, no, no, I will live to be 100 years old with my family no matter what. There is no other option. We’ll beat cancer. I will live to be 100 years old with my family no matter what. There is no other option and that became my reality. And I believe that two things, number one, it keeps your sanity. It allows you to actually not be overwhelmed with fear and consumed with fear, but number two is the mind-body connection. You’re literally programming your cells, your biology to do what you’re telling it to do and I believe so much ever since I was told I would never walk again and I had unwavering faith that I would walk again and two weeks later, the doctor said, “We don’t know how to explain this, Hal, but you’re going to take your first step in therapy today.” And then the cancer was the same thing.


And so, I’ve lived this for 20 years so it’s easier for me to keep living because it’s a way of life and that’s why I’m so passionate about this book and getting it out to the world because I believe far too many people live from a place of stress or a place of fear and I know that you can replace fear with faith and live a life with unwavering faith and when you look at life through that lens, you just smile and you’re excited and you’re optimistic and your faith feeds the effort because once you have faith, you can accomplish anything. You can create tangible measurable miracles, you have to drive forth the effort. When you put forth the effort, it feeds back to the faith because now you believe you deserve it because you’re doing things necessary. And for me, whenever I don’t want to get my ozone sauna, or I don’t want to do a coffee enema or I don’t want to drink apple cider vinegar or wheatgrass shots, instantly, the voice in my head says, “Hal, that’s your extraordinary effort. You only deserve to live that mantra. You only deserve to live, for me, to live to be 100 years old with your family if you’re willing to put forth the extraordinary effort.”


And so, whenever I don’t want to do the things that I know will get where I need to go, I’m reminded that’s my extraordinary effort and it’s become such an ingrained part of living that it gets me to do the things that are uncomfortable and that are difficult and that I would rather not do. But I do them and I feel great that I did them and that reinforces my faith which reinforces my extraordinary effort which reinforced my unwavering faith and round and round we go and we’ll talk more about that on a future episode, the faith effort feedback loop and how that shows up in your life when you start living The Miracle Equation.




Hal: All right, guys and gals. I’m going to wrap this one up. Again, if this is interesting to you, if you feel like The Miracle Equation could enhance your life, please, I would be honored if you would go buy the book, preorder the book now, be one of the first to copy and then forward your receipt to [email protected] and you will get over $1,000 in bonuses including a live six-week course with me. I’d love to be with you during that time. All right, goal achievers, I love you, I appreciate you, and I look forward to next week. Take care.


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