Make Your Journaling Cosmic with Yanik Silver

Episode 309

Make Your Journaling Cosmic with Yanik Silver

Has Scribing (aka “Journaling”) transformed your life as it has mine? Needless to say, Scribing is a key part of the Miracle Morning S.A.V.E.R.S. and an incredible way to achieve breakthrough insights, solidify your commitments, experience more gratitude, and generate clarity and motivation on a daily basis.

Yanik Silver is living proof of this. As someone I’ve admired for over a decade, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on his latest creation: The Cosmic Journal, in which he presents a hand-written, self-illustrated space for you to clarify your purpose, determine your destiny, tap into the invisible forces of the universe (stick with me), and galactic instruction manual to help you re-remember your highest self.

Yanik is also the CEO of Maverick1000, a network of top entrepreneurs that assembles for breakthrough retreats, opportunities, and experience that to date has raised over $3 million for people in need by working with icons like Sir Richard Branson, Tony Hawk, Sara Blakely, Chris Blackwell, John Paul DeJoria, and Tim Ferriss.

Today, Yanik joins the podcast to share the story of the “cosmic alarm clock” moment that set him off on his cosmic journey, the process that led him to write the new book, and the breakthroughs we can achieve when we make journaling part of our daily routine.

Yanik Silver

I think joy is kind of like our GPS. It's always moving us forward.


  • How we’re collectively experiencing a “dark night of the soul” as a species – and why Yanik sees this as a hugely exciting time to be alive.
  • Why there’s no map when it comes to reinvention – and why this is a good thing.
  • Why Yanik decided he needed to exit the world of internet marketing, where he had been a celebrity, to embark on his own cosmic journey – and the early failures he experienced as he made this transition.
  • How Yanik created the Cosmic Journaland worked with a major publisher and editor to bring its powerful message to a much wider audience.


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Yanik Silver

You don't need to see the full path, just the next step.



Hal Elrod: Hey, everybody. This is Hal Elrod and before we dive into today’s episode of the podcast, I wanted to take just a minute, maybe a minute-and-a-half to let you know about my latest book and the newest book in the Miracle Morning book series. It’s The Miracle Morning for Teachers: Elevate Your Impact for Yourself and Your Students. And if you’re a teacher or administrator, or you know a teacher administrator, The Miracle Morning for Teachers is the perfect book to both elevate the life of every teacher, while simultaneously elevating the impact that they make for their students. And it really goes back, gosh, seven-plus years ago, when I first wrote the Miracle Morning, the original book. I had this vision where what if was practiced every day in classrooms around the world? What if students started their day with meditation, affirmations, visualization, exercise, reading, and journaling?


And that vision became a reality in February 2019 when my co-author and co-creator of the Miracle Morning book series, Honoree Corder, led a group of dozens of teachers around the world to implement the six daily practices of the Miracle Morning known as the SAVERS into their classrooms for 30 days and beyond and the results, both for the teachers and the students, were absolutely remarkable. We heard things like, “Some of my most troubled students are now focused and calm and they thank me every day that we’re doing the Miracle Morning together.” And those stories, those results, that feedback helped to shape the book that we are now on a mission to get in the hands of every teacher in the world. That’s the ultimate goal. So, you can grab a copy of The Miracle Morning for Teachers on Amazon for yourself or your favorite teacher. You can get the audiobook on Audible. And either way, this book really is the next step in the Miracle Morning mission, which is to elevate the consciousness of humanity one morning, one teacher, and one student at a time and I am so grateful for your support. Thank you so much.




Hal Elrod: Hey, goal achievers. It’s Hal Elrod, and today I’m excited. I’m about to talk with a gentleman that I’ve been a fan of for over a decade. And this is one of those rare occasions or not that rare. I guess I mentioned this sometimes, but it’s typical when I get to go from fan to friend and Yanik Silver and I have become friends. And if you don’t know who Yanik is, he’s been called a cosmic catalyst, a maverick mischief-maker, and a galactic goofball. He doesn’t take himself too seriously in case you’re wondering, but Yanik redefines how business is played in the 21st century at the intersection of more profits, more fun, and more impact. And most recently, Yanik’s the creator of The Cosmic Journal, which we’re going to talk about today. He’s the author of Evolved Enterprise and the founder of Maverick1000, a global network of top visionary entrepreneurs, making a serious difference in the world without taking themselves too seriously. In fact, it’s not unusual to find Yanik dressed as a lemur, a showgirl, or even in matching mermaid tails with Sir Richard Branson. And he and his group periodically assemble for breakthrough retreats, rejuvenating experiences and impact opportunities to date raising over $3 million for those in need, and that includes participating icons such as Sir Richard Branson, Sara Blakely, Tony Hawk, Chris Blackwell, John Paul DeJoria, Russell Simmons, Tim Ferriss, and many others.


And Yanik is a family man. He is someone who is changing the world and has been for a long, long, long time. And today’s conversation I think you’re really going to enjoy. I know that I really enjoyed this with Yanik. He’s passionate. He’s brilliant. And it is my great pleasure to introduce you to my good friend, Yanik Silver.




Hal Elrod: Yanik Silver, what’s up, my friend?


Yanik Silver: Hey, Hal. Hello, hello.


Hal Elrod: So great to talk to you, man. What’s new and exciting in your world? Let’s begin with the present day.


Yanik Silver: Man, I’m so excited about 2020. 2020 equals perfect vision and I’ve been like leaning into 2020 for a long time. We had our companies like EcoVerse Vision for 2020 several years back and so I’ve been really leaning into it. It feels like this decade is to me going to be like this massive acceleration and just I think it’s going to be a consciousness-expanding decade. So many things are going to grow and we’re at this tipping point kind of deciding as humanity where we’re going to go. Maybe a little deeper and bigger than what you wanted but that’s where I feel we are.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. No, I know. Dude, I’m with you. There are some monumental consequential things at work right now in the world, in the universe for our first species.


Yanik Silver: Yeah. And it’s like this amazing time to be alive that like you feel like you’ve been incarnated here for something important and what your role is in that and that’s part of this Cosmic Journal and everything else that I’ve been doing is really coming into, I think.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. I think in Eastern philosophy they call what I feel like I’ve kind of been going through which I touched on a little bit before we started recording which is they call it I think the dark night of the soul. Are you familiar with that term?


Yanik Silver: I am very much familiar with that. Yes, sir.


Hal Elrod: Yeah, and I feel not only my going through that, but I feel like our society, our species, right, like I feel like it’s kind of we’re going through that right now as a collective.


Yanik Silver: Yeah. As a collective and it’s really that going through it and surrendering to it in some way so that you can come out the other side. It’s like, I caught the pathless path like you don’t know the path. That path what used to work, it’s not going to work anymore. It really requires us to step into a new level of being, a new level of consciousness, as I said before, and to really what we’ve been doing a lot of work with entrepreneurs and leaders is like connecting your head, your heart, and your higher purpose. And that leads you through it because there’s no old way to get through which is a new journey.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. That’s true, right? There is no map or even the maps where they say success leaves clues and all those old adages. But it’s like we’re going to need kind of reinvent ourselves.


Yanik Silver: We are and that’s what the cosmic trickle is about, actually, and it’s my own almost like moving through a dark night of the soul period where I had all my journals from many years back and, man, it’s just like I wrote this thing for myself really. And so, there’s a lot of pieces. I’m trying to find a really good entry because it’s almost like every time I talk to someone I’m like, I shoot him a picture from this journal like here. I feel like this could be your message and it works like an oracle like that as well but it’s trying to find what about this, like this pathless path because there’s something really big that’s happening and so many people are leaning into this. It’s like I call it a cosmic alarm clock. You get this like little voice that’s sort of whispering in your ear about, especially for people that have been successful in whatever way we’d find success. And they’re really leaning into, “Okay, what else?”


And this is the way I felt is like my cosmic alarm clock was about 11, 12 years ago when I kind of looked at what I was doing in internet marketing world and doing really well financially, had a great reputation which is pretty, you know, not always that easy in that space. Looking in was great but my question was, am I happy? Would I be happy doing this 10 years from now? And that was that sort of like little cosmic alarm clock moment. And the real answer was no. And then that sort of started me on this whole journey of exploring what the heck is it? And I think joy is kind of like our GPS. It’s always like moving us forward. Pain is set up as like guardrails, and the guardrails can be more narrow and you smoothly walk through it if you’re really following that joy and following your heart and/or that can be wider and the universe continues to bonk you on the head. Like for me, it was a $400,000 bonk on the head in order to be like, okay, what’s going on here? This is not the right path when I first started making my move with Maverick, which I thought was my ultimate, this is going to make me happy kind of thing.


Hal Elrod: Well, so let’s go back to that. So, you mentioned you’re in internet marketing and you were like, I mean, you were a celebrity. Like back in the day when I was first learning about online marketing, I’m like, “This guy, Yanik Silver.” You were doing it before it was a thing. You’re one of the godfathers or the founders. What was that for you? What was it when you asked, will I be happy 10 years from now? Where was the dissatisfaction, the gap?


Yanik Silver: It was like this like low level of like frustration, depression, like not feeling excited like just being it’s just like knowing of like – so I go back. There’s this really cool, I listened to sometimes Oprah’s soul, I don’t know…


Hal Elrod: Sunday. Super Soul Sunday?


Yanik Silver: Super Soul something podcast.


Hal Elrod: Yeah.


Yanik Silver: I think it’s the podcast and she interviewed Pelo Coelho, the author of…


Hal Elrod: Paulo Coelho?


Yanik Silver: Yeah. Thank you. Yes, that one.


Hal Elrod: I got your back here. I’m here for you.


Yanik Silver: Thanks, bro. So, in the interview she says, “You know what, my ultimate fear is, is that I’m not going to reach my ultimate destiny,” and that just like hit me because that’s what I always felt too like that whispering in my ear like felt like really truly destined for greatness because of all the resources and networks and connections and talents and everything that I’ve been connected to, but what is my true sort of greatness and destiny and will I measure up to it in that way? And to hear Oprah say that I’m like, “Yeah, that really hits in a big way.” And I think that was part of it was like that was part of this cosmic alarm clock is like sending out so like, okay, you can do this thing but that’s not really your big thing. It’s like, what is it for real? And like one of the entries here in the Cosmic Journey says, “Your great wave awaits. What is your next greatest purpose you’re scared to proclaim? Your great wave is awaiting your greatest service to the collective. Allow the universe conspire to help you be the channel for what truly matters most.”


Like something like that, that it’s like it requires you to, man, like when I went through that, like so everything I touched before that was kind of like Midas touch. Like I’d be like, “Oh, I have an idea this morning. Let me put that out there,” and then like seven or eight different like seven-figure things that hit collectively in sales without really knowing what the heck I was doing. No business planning. Just like following my instincts. And then this Maverick thing was like, “Okay, this is going to make me happy.” It’s a combination of like awesome entrepreneurs and we go off on these adventures. We’ll have business sessions in the middle of nowhere. We’re going to have a charity element. So, it’s like this combination of three circles, a dollar sign, happy face, hearts. I’m like, “I got it. This is it.” And Maverick Business Adventures was born and we had our first Baja dune buggy experience. I brought 26 people, lost about $40,000 and like all good. You know, it’s a whole new thing. I’m investing, I’m learning.


$400,000 in, my wife’s like, “So, what the hell are you doing?” And, you know, she’s absolutely right. And because my passion for the internet marketing side is which is totally waiting and that was sort of paying for everything. This was a faltering business. I’ve never experienced that. And that really forced me to look at what was my big reason why. My why was not to build an adventure travel company. My why by reexploring it was to change the way business is played, or for that company anyway. And so, it really forced me to reset everything and also like dis-attach my self-worth from my net worth like dis-attach like, what’s my true identity? Because you can get this identity wrapped into what car you drive, what your bank account is, how successful you are, all sorts of things. I ended up selling my Aston Martin to pay for bills and different things. It was either that or sell my spaceship ticket on Virgin Galactic. You know, experiences are something that I truly believe in deeply and things come and go.


So, that was sort of like another wake-up call for me and I said 400,000, one of my buddies and I are having, we’re having lunch a couple years back. He’s like, “Oh, yours is 400,000. Mine is 4 million.” And so, it’s like the universe will bonk you on the head with you’ve experienced this health-wise, with other people, relationship-wise, financial-wise. It’s sending us a wakeup call so we can either wake up and lean into this cosmic alarm clock like either hit snooze and ignore it and then it feels like our soul is like dying each day that we’re not doing what we’re truly meant to be doing. Or we can embrace it and know that it’s this pathless path to what we’re really meant to be doing.


Hal Elrod: I love the way you think and that’s one of the things if I were to define you, Yanik, or put you in a box, it would be one of the most conscious entrepreneurs like your last book, Evolved Enterprise, was really how do you tie in all these things that you’ve been living, which is contribution, love, and joy and fun and relationships. And then your newest and I didn’t know what to call it, right? I mean, you call it The Cosmic Journal. I told you before we started recording like I’m holding in my hand right now, it’s a work of art. It is a spiritual guide. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. In fact, before we get into kind of what it’s about, I want to take a second to like describe to the listener if you’ve not seen this yet. So, this is a journal. Well, you describe it. You describe it.


Yanik Silver: Well, the way I describe it, I hand it to people and I say, this is the galactic instruction manual you are missing at birth to re-remember your destiny here. And they’re like, “What?”


Hal Elrod: I love it. You’re not exaggerating.


Yanik Silver: And I truly wrote it for myself. It started as like an art challenge I saw floating around online, where is that 100 days of art. I’m like, “Well, that’d be kind of interesting,” because as a kid, I wanted to be a cartoonist, off-season when I was a professional hockey player. And so, I journal for years and years. My art has started like coming back in my journals over the years, and I’m like, “Okay, what would I do?” And I’m like, “No, I’m going to make an illustrated page a day,” and not 100 days, but 108 days, because that has more meaning to me, especially in that wisdom traditions and yoga traditions. And I literally was like, “Whew, that’s a long time.” You know, because I travel around a lot, doing all sorts of things. I’d like to do one every single night and I’m like, “No, I’m doing it. I don’t know what the heck is going to happen with it.” It’s been the most inflow, amazing, incredible, synchronistic magic project I’ve ever put out.


Hal Elrod: And let me, again, I want to give a visual for the listener. So, this is a journal/book and it is handwritten. So, again, you understand that Yanik took what normally you would type what 99.99999% or maybe 100% other than you, Yanik, would type into a book/journal. And he handwrote the entire thing. Handwrote it, drew it, and I’ve been sitting next to events, Yanik, before where like you’re the doodle master, right? I look over and I’m like his notes look way better than mine. You always carry around your set of pencils and pens. And yeah, man, and this journal is it’s the essence of Yanik Silver. And so, what your description of it is, I can’t recount it and be that was profound and beautiful and accurate. What’s somebody going to get out of this? Like, if you’re saying, “Hey, this journal will help you to ___?” how else would you describe it other than what you’ve already said?


Yanik Silver: Like writing your own mythic map of where you’re heading to like connect your head, your heart, your higher purpose to help you really get to know yourself at the highest level of what you are meant to be doing here and how that actually serves the collective purpose. And there’s a real art to it. So, when I did it, there’s no order to it. It was just like, what do I want to write about? Sometimes it’d be like meditating then what would come through me? Sometimes it’s like going back through old journals from years and years and finding the best stuff that I had already written. And then also like it works on so many different levels like I’ve had several people tell me that it works like an oracle too which is one of my favorite things is you’ll pop it open and take a moment to center yourself and pop it open, it’s got a message for you. And it works and then on the left-hand side, our prompts. So, if you’ll read something on the right-hand side that I’ve written and then there are prompts on the left-hand side.


Some of them are fun and sort of childish-like and playful and then some are really deep and insightful and it helps you just connect in a deeper way. And so, I started playing with it myself like using it as my own tool and then I showed it to some people and one of my friend is like, “Dude, this is unbelievable.” He’s like, “I’m going to pay to publish this.” And so, we did a special edition of like vegetarian leather cover ones and I think – is that the one you have a purple one?


Hal Elrod: Yep. Yeah.


Yanik Silver: So, that’s the special edition one. And then what happened was, it forced me to then create it as a real thing. You know, it’s this wildest project I’ve ever done. You’ve done a lot of books. I had sent them off to get scanned and I got back this little 2-inch by 2-inch squares of my artwork and pages and had laid them out on my kitchen table like figure out what the heck this order was because now there’s a real art to it and I finished it at exactly 1:11 am. I have finished the left-hand prompt pages at exactly 1:11 am. So, there’s like, a ton of like magic to it and it’s just been incredible. So, then that galley, like, one of my friends, Jeff Walker introduced me to Reid Tracy at Hay House, and he and I had breakfast and he’s like, “Let me see this thing,” and I made him open it up to a random page. He’s like, “Wow.” He’s like, “This is unbelievable.” And they fast-tracked a book and now it’s out as a mainstream book and it has been really cool.


Hal Elrod: So, Hay House published this.


Yanik Silver: They did, yes. And there’s the Hay House version that is out right now.


Hal Elrod: Oh, that’s incredible. I didn’t realize that. It’s really neat. And what a perfect fit.


Yanik Silver: Yeah. Exactly. They’re the only ones I approached and wanted and it’s really, really, it’s wild. So, actually, I wanted you maybe take a second flip to a page and see what we get and then we can maybe hit on that.


Hal Elrod: All right, here we go. So, I just opened up to a page. “Your words create worlds. You can learn so much about someone simply by paying attention to their words and language. What we say or think determines what we believe is possible or impossible. Phrases like ‘I can’t’ or ‘I’ll try’ indicate they’ve given up before even starting. Stop yourself and slow down to really examine what you’re telling yourself. Your words invoke what’s real. Take apart your next excuse and really observe what you’re saying. Is it even true? Why are you repeating it? Where did it come from? What are the empowering words you could use instead? Words are alive with real power. Ensure you are using magic words to open up more worlds.”


Yanik Silver: Good job. You’ve read my handwriting.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. Well, here’s what’s interesting. So, the other day it’s your point like literally, you can open up like that to any. Every page, it stands alone, right? That’s what’s beautiful about it. Every page stands alone as this cosmic lesson to help us tap in and here’s what’s wild is I just read the new updated version of Kamal Ravikant’s Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. And then I had him on the podcast the other day. The day I had him on the podcast that morning, I opened up The Cosmic Journal to the page…


Yanik Silver: That he was mentioning?


Hal Elrod: Yeah. I had chills, man.


Yanik Silver: That’s the way it happens. I’m getting some goosebumps as you’re talking about it because there’s something really, really magical about it. And I love like synchronicities and these things that makes you up and it’s really, really powerful. And Kamal’s book was a big catalyst for me in that process of like going through this rediscovery of who I truly am and what does it look like. In the Evolved Enterprise book, I talked about basically, that I almost went out of business by trying to figure out how do you create greater impact through your business and what does that look like and having all the pieces pulled together from some of the amazing like celebrity icons that are really well known or some that are not well known that had these pieces and then figure that out for the Evolved Enterprise book and part of that journey is now looking this pictorial written, handwritten form of The Cosmic Journal too.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. Well, I wanted to ask you so, obviously, you’re a prolific journaler. You mentioned that. For you, what makes journaling so important? And before you answer that, obviously the Miracle Morning is made with these six practices, scribing as the final S because the J wouldn’t fit in the acronym. So, I’m obviously a huge believer in it. I journal every morning and so just from your take, what do you think makes journaling so important?


Yanik Silver: It’s like one of the foundational habits that can make us just more aware, more successful, whatever we take that more connected to a higher source if you let it. It depends on how you use it. It could be like, “Oh, I had scrambled eggs. Say they’re a little runny,” or whatever like that. That’s not journaling. To me, journaling is really getting deeper into. So, there’s scientific proof that journaling or evidence in peer-reviewed journals says that journaling creates more happiness because it forces us to create, we’re just talking about your words create your world. So, it creates a beginning, middle, and end on that page. And then you can also start bringing awareness to so much in your life. So, the deeper you take it, the feelings that you want to share in there express it. I use it for ideas that keep percolating and building and growing. I use it for expressing myself through my art. I use it for keeping track of these things that magic that happens. I use it for gratitude.


So, I use it for so many different ways and then I use it for some really, really unusual, awesome cosmic ways too. And we can talk about that in a moment but journaling to me, it gets better and better to practice, right? It’s like meditation. You meditate one time. You’re not going to be calm, centered, whatever present every moment, but journaling is like that, and especially people that have continued this practice of journaling, it’s really interesting to then go back. I’ll do it serendipitously sometimes. I’ll flip open a journal and be like, “Oh, I was concerned about that. It’s not really a big deal or I was excited about that. That’s a really good idea. Let me go back to that.” Or like going back to specific times in my life and it’s like such a beautiful process to be like, I got, you know, this detailed how I was feeling exactly at this moment of XYZ that might have been a pivotal moment or re-exploring like a deep connection with maybe one of my children or something like that.


So, it’s such a beautiful practice and most people, a lot of people have either tried it and given up or they find it stale or they’re like I don’t want anyone reading this or they get concerned about what’s in there. If you’re concerned about that, just get a little lockbox or something if you really want. I pretty much hanging out in my office. My daughter who’s 12 now from years back went through them. She’s like, “It’s really boring. You write really small. It’s not exciting.”


Hal Elrod: That’s funny. Obviously, journaling, there are countless ways you can approach it. What makes the process different in The Cosmic Journal?


Yanik Silver: So, the cosmic journal to me is like you’re really writing from this way of like considering the story that you’ve written here in this lifetime. It’s a way to almost like also rewrite your past, rewrite your present, rewrite your future. So, to look at it from almost like a more mythic way and the arc of it starts with this idea of just like getting you thinking about, actually, so the very first page of it says trust. Trust says even more in store for you than you can imagine. Trust your divine timing. Trust your crazy ideas. Trust your wings will grow when you leap. Trust your nature. Trust you’ve been encoded with the cosmic alarm clock. Trust the signs, symbols, and synchronicities. Trust the co-conspirators catalyzing your evolution. Trust the perfect unfolding of your understanding. And trust your divine connection.


So, that was actually written on Necker Island at 6:10 am on sunrise, and I was just like, yes, there’s like moments that that pop out from years and years of journaling. And that was the very first page that I thought was just a perfect indicator of what’s going on here and then you get stuff like out of the best comes in elegant order and then it comes into finally like this really high level, the arc, which is like who are you to play smaller? And who does that serve? And not you and this is like a false humble and our full services and full joy to the collective. So, it’s like a really nice arc. And then along the way, you get to pin your own story, essentially.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. Well, what I love about The Cosmic Journal, you know, most journals are purely space, right? Meaning they’re a bunch of blank lines or like the Five Minute Journal, for example, which I’ve used for years is just a few prompts, right? Like, what are three things you’re grateful for? And it’s the same every single day. And what I love about this, you know, you said a minute ago, a few minutes ago, that journaling, just like anything, it’s like meditation that when you first do it, it maybe feels weird or uncomfortable or you can’t go very deep or you’re kind of stunted. And what I love about this with The Cosmic Journal is that to me, there’s so many ways I could say it but I think that you’re teaching someone how to activate their creativity and their intuition using a journaling practice, right? To me, it’s half book, half journal like it’s half spiritual guide and half that space that you need to act once you’re prompted, once you’re inspired by the guidance that you intuitively inserted into the cosmic journal.


Well, now I as the user of the journal, I’m inspired now to tap into my own intuition, my own creativity and I think that’s why, to your point, how it is cosmic just us open to any page and it’s exactly what you need at any given time. I think, Yanik, that’s because this is just my opinion, my intuition, my feeling, but you personally, like I feel like you tapped into the source, you tapped into your divinity into higher consciousness when you created this. Like this was, to me, you channeled this journal if that makes sense.


Yanik Silver: Dude, that makes 1,000% sense. I absolutely agree. Not everyone’s ready to hear something like that but yes. So, I’ll give you a perfect example like this is, you know, I’m getting goosebumps again as we’re talking about it. And it’s like, there’s one night like Sara said, every night I committed to doing it, and by the way, like these commitments, just as a side benefit, you can try experimenting. So, you can try, let’s say, a 30 day or I do these 33-day experiments like no alcohol, no sugar, whatever it is, and you get stronger by making these commitments and then taking them on to doing the Miracle Morning, X amount of days, like 2 minus 108 days, as you remember. And so, something like day 73 or whatever and traveling around. I’m all over the place. This is like four o’clock in the morning and I spent a bunch of time like drawing this one illustration. It’s towards the back. The purple one that you have, those have page numbers looks like. The Hay House one has page numbers. I don’t even have the Hay House version of it.


So, it’s sort of towards the back almost near the end of 15 or so pages before the end. And so, I drew this thing. It took quite a long time and the quote was supposed to say, “Bloom where you’re planted.” You’ve heard that before. Bloom where you’re planted. And so, I drew, “Bloom where you are planet.”


Hal Elrod: It’s funny you say that because when you were talking earlier, I’m flipping through it. I saw that and I’m like, I didn’t want to say anything. I’m like, is that a typo?


Yanik Silver: Yes. So, I wrote bloom where you’re planet? And then I’m like, “Crap. What the hell?” I’m like, do I need to start over this thing? No. I believe there’s no mistakes, right? These beautiful hoops. It’s like a cool like children’s book that is out there and it’s something like okay, “Bloom where you are planeted.” And I’m like, “Holy cow. That’s so much bigger.” And then the entry came forth from there. And I truly believe like this journal is about blooming where you’re planeted and planeted here on Earth, because I’ve always connected to the stars and the fact that we’re made of stars. So, now I say kind of great cosmic joke is that we’re made of stars, but we’re born of the earth, and co-created by plants and fungi and bacteria. So, the idea bloom where you’re planeted, that was like, it totally changed that and like other ways of just really exploring and channeling. There’s another one. It’s one of my favorites is this labyrinth. You’ve seen that one? A few pages before the bloom where you’re planeted.


Hal Elrod: Okay. All right.


Yanik Silver: You know, it’s big labyrinth. Have you ever walked the labyrinth?


Hal Elrod: No.


Yanik Silver: Dude, they’re great. They’re unbelievable. You should look up. There’s like labyrinth finder websites. You can find a labyrinth close to you. It’s an unbelievable meditative practice.


Hal Elrod: Really?


Yanik Silver: Yeah. So, you start at the entrance and then you don’t think that it’s going to do anything because you’re just following the slow path then you end up in the center but it’s really, really powerful. It’s been used for a long time in different contexts. And it’s not a maze. You’re not trying to get yourself lost. It’s actually finding yourself back into the center and then you’ll work your way back out again with a new insight. So, really worth checking it out. So, I drew this labyrinth and originally is just going to, you know, when people see, they’ll understand it, but it says, “You don’t need to see the full path, just the next step.” And that was it, dot, dot, dot. And then I’m sitting there. I spent a lot of time drawing this labyrinth. I’m like I feel like there’s something more. I intuitively said it. I’m going to allow myself to do it. And then so then I wrote and the next one, and the next one will open up to you each step. Moves you closer to your center, even if you feel upside down and turn around.


And at that point, the labyrinth’s already turned around and was upside down. So, I’m writing it like in combination of like where I am in this labyrinth and it says, “Maybe you feel like you’re walking in circles further away from your goal. Keep moving. Keep going one step forward, one step onwards until you see the next turn, the next twist and this is in the turn in the twist of this labyrinth. In the road, the closer you get you will be tested at the threshold. It’s all within sight until you shift again and again.” You know, it’s like you’re almost at the center but then it like shifts again and you’re like, “Where the hell am I going?” This time you come home against yourself fully. And when I wrote that I just like, I was like that absolutely felt like something was channeled through me. You know, I trusted that it wasn’t making a mistake and just keep going.


Hal Elrod: Beautiful, beautiful man. I guess I can’t – I’m flipping and flipping and flipping and trying to listen to you and not reading it. Sucked in. But the beauty of it is…


Yanik Silver: You know, the funny thing is I did an interview. You know, Jessica Ortner?


Hal Elrod: No, I don’t know.


Yanik Silver: She’s like The Tapping Solution, EFT.


Hal Elrod: EFT? Okay. No.


Yanik Silver: She’s awesome. So, we did an interview and she’s like, “You know, you’re not the best artist.” I’m like, “Is that a compliment?”


Hal Elrod: That’s funny.


Yanik Silver: She’s like, “No, no, no, but your drawing is so relatable and the wisdom is incredible.” So, okay, I’ll take that as a compliment.


Hal Elrod: That’s interesting. I guess, yeah, depending on how someone’s grading you versus like, all right, how are you compared to the best artists in the world? You can doodle, right?


Yanik Silver: You know what, that’s such an interesting thing too is like, if I had – and maybe, maybe, maybe in the back, back, back of my mind, I thought maybe I’ll publish it. But this is really made for me. If I was like really, like it’s so easy to have that little critic sitting on our shoulder and would have been like, “Trump sucks.” But allowing yourself to just truly put your heart and soul into something just for yourself is what made this such a special thing.


Hal Elrod: If I could ask you one question, like a logistical question as an author. When I write stuff like I type it obviously on Microsoft Word or whatever program I use, and I make a million mistakes. You wrote this in pin and I know you shared one error, which is you wrote the word planet instead of plant. How in the hell did you write this? Did you type it out first and then and then write it? I mean, how did you write this without making a million mistakes?


Yanik Silver: No, I just wrote them. Then when I went back, when I was going to turn it into this limited edition book, I had this artist who scanned them all in. I had like a few places that was like their should have been there, T-H-E-I-R instead of T-H-E-R-E and she’s like she could just easily like Photoshop that part.


Hal Elrod: Okay, I got it.


Yanik Silver: Make these quick little fixes. Then you’ll like this. And so, when Hay House was doing the book, we had a full editor go through the whole thing and she’s like, “Okay, this is going to be interesting.” And then she sent me back like PDF notes about like we need to change this, we need to change that. And then a lot of times, I would redo an entire drawing. I would redo an entire page. Let me spot where the drawing was that the artists, they just stick in my original drawing, and then I redo the full page like rewriting it, because lot of times some of those pages in the purple one are pretty tight because they’re my original ones and she’s like, “No, too much,” and she like marking it out and should be so I’d rewrite it from there. And both of them had like the unique flavor to it. I love both of them. But the Hay House one is definitely more edited. Probably, you can spot one or two typos in the purple one but, yeah, it was unbelievable and you’ll like these synchronicities. I’m a big Wayne Dyer fan.


Hal Elrod: Yeah, me too.


Yanik Silver: And Wayne has been like in the last couple years, especially dealing with like, “What is my big?” as the big question I’ve been wrestling with over the last like year or two. It’s been like, we have a lot we can do, but what’s truly ours to do? And then like just re-getting into my spiritual side again for the last couple years, probably. It’s been a long journey, maybe from 2012, 2011. Even before that possibly, but Wayne Dyer start coming back up again. Originally, I listen to a lot of his stuff just from like pure like sort of success. I loved Earl Nightingale. I forced my daughter who’s 12 today. I drove her to school because she was like getting on the bus. I’m like, “Okay, well, here’s your, like you get rid of your phone and we’re listening to Earl Nightingale.” She is not happy. So, like Wayne Dyer, that’s one of the reasons I picked Hay House was because I love, love, love Wayne Dyer. And then she’s also been an editor for Wayne Dyer.


And then there’s only one page in the Cosmic Journal that talks about Wayne Dyer, this little quote about like don’t die with the music inside of you. And so, she literally like put a little note on there is that it said, “You know, Wayne is such an incredible soul and he was like a great person to work with,” and blah, blah, blah. And it was exactly 3:33 pm. I was like it’s pretty good.


Hal Elrod: Wow. How funny, I just opened up to a page and it says, “One of my early mentors was Earl Nightingale.”


Yanik Silver: There you go. That’s pretty good.


Hal Elrod: Are you kidding me? Oh my god.


Yanik Silver: Yeah. That’s a good one.


Hal Elrod: Alright. So, if you’re listening to this and if that didn’t spook you out and make you realize that this is your cosmic wakeup call and that the Cosmic Journal, it’s no accident that you’re listening to this right now experiencing Yanik. Yanik, where’s the best place for people to pick the book up for the journal?


Yanik Silver: Yeah. If they go to there’s some bonuses available there. They can also grab the limited edition what they want or they can go to any bookseller wherever they like online and pick up the Cosmic Journal from there. You know, what’s happening is people are buying them as gifts and people are freaking out about it. Like it’s become like one of their favorite gifts that they received. And so, hopefully, buy 10, buy whatever. It’s a really special piece and I’m really proud to have been a part of putting it out there. I feel like I co-created it.


Hal Elrod: Yeah. Well, I’m proud of you because literally, you know, speaking of it as a gift, there’s nothing like this. I’ve never seen anything in the world a book/journal that was handwritten. I mean, it’s incredible. So, really, really appreciate you putting yourself out there and channeling your divinity and bringing that to the world in the form of the Cosmic Journal and it’s added a lot of value to my life and I’m just getting started. I mean, every day I can go back to pages I’ve already read and read it again and go, “Oh, that’s right.” It’s such an important reminder.


Yanik Silver: I use it myself in that same way. It’s fun to keep hitting it with new eyes and new ears, I guess, and just new mindset.


Hal Elrod: Awesome, brother. Well, hey, dude. I love you and appreciate you. It’s such a pleasure always to connect and thank you for taking the time for me and for our listeners today.


Yanik Silver: It’s my absolute pleasure. Thank you, Hal. Love you too.


Hal Elrod: And keep changing the world, man. What you’re doing for entrepreneurs is to elevate the consciousness and help entrepreneurs focus not just on profit and bottom line, but on the impact that we’re all making and the way we’re affecting the planet. And our fellow human beings, that you inspire me to go deeper within myself to be able to give more of myself. So, thank you for that.


Yanik Silver: I appreciate that. You’re welcome. And, you know, it’s a weird paradox because you actually end up making more and your team loves you more and your customers love you more.


Hal Elrod: Yeah, right. It’s a win-win-win all the way around.


Yanik Silver: All right. Thank you.


Hal Elrod: Alright, brother. I’ll talk to you soon.




Hal Elrod: Goal achievers, thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you enjoyed the conversation with Yanik and I.  You know, I wish this was like somehow you could see what I’m holding in my hands right here because really us talking about it just doesn’t do justice to this Cosmic Journal. Really, it’s a work of art. It is special and check it out. Goal achievers, I love you. I appreciate you. Thank you so much for joining me today and Yanik. And I’ll talk to you all next week.




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